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Durkheim was right in his observation on the constant division of labor that the economists upheld and viewed this as a supreme law that helped the society progress. This observation was also on the notion that when forces were combined and resources pulled together, there was more economic prosperity. This trend was constant across all the industries, from agriculture to business. This effect was seen to influence the way that products related with each other as more interdependence came into focus and occupations got more specialized.
Durkheim observed that this trend was also manifested in other industries apart from economy where the trend seems to have been born. Other activities that embraced specialization of occupations were politics, judiciary and science. The case was the same in philosophy that Durkheim observed had segmented into specific objects, ideas and methods.
According to Durkheim, the law of division of labor was a feature of the human society and biological organisms. This observation was based on the fact that specialization of an organism parts were the main success behind its evolution and development. Durkheim attempted to explain this observation so as to relate it with specialization in the economic and other industries. This relation thus seemed to rule out propensity of human nature as the cause of the developments and instead placed the trend as a general process present with any organized matter.
This explanation and line of thought raised a number of questions, mainly on the moral front. Some of the conflicting questions included whether people were supposed to yield to the developments and then trends that were taking place or whether were they to do things in their own way. This is what led to questions like was this law natural or was it a moral rule. To what extent was this rule or law applicable? The concept and theory behind specialization and division of labor was that it was each individuals mandate to identify a role and fulfill it.
 According to Durkheim, the concept on division of labor was more of a moral rule and was not applicable to all scenarios. This was also in response to maxis whose agenda was extreme specialization a situation that Durkheim sought to change.

The Society Progress. Custom The Society Progress Essay Writing Service || The Society Progress Essay samples, help

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