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This paper seeks to explore information on the issue of parents hitting children. Parents hitting children refer to corporal punishment of children in the event the children have failed to follow instructions or disobeyed their parents. Physical punishment is any action meant to cause pain to a child and it comes in different forms one of them being hitting. In the past times, the most common form of punishment parents and children caretakers would use on children was hitting. Almost all parents in the world believed in the hitting of children as a form of punishment and any wrongdoing by a child would automatically result in hitting from the parents. The case was extensive to the extent that schools had adopted the hitting form of punishment as reinforcement. Hitting of children was believed to deliver results in the point that children did not repeat the misconduct after being hit and they would stick to the rules in fear of being hit.

Parents hitting children is wrong! In general, hitting people is wrong and children fall in the group of people. It is not a morally decent action to fight as adults, and when parents beat, their children it is clear evidence that children need equal protection from all forms of violence. In addition to being morally wrong hitting children does not work. Hitting a child on the bottom may prevent the child from doing a wrong thing for the moment but it will not prevent them from repeating the same thing. This is because hitting children does not teach them anything helpful in how they should behave or act. Parents hitting children will not pass the message the parent wants his or her children to learn neither will it remind them of their wrongdoing.

Parents hitting children only results in the children being overwhelmed with hurt feelings and anger. Hitting is seriously wrong to the extent that they forget the main cause as to why their parents hit them. There are several reasons as to why the ideology of parents hitting children is wrong. For starters hitting children trains the children to become hitters themselves. Children whose parents disciplined them through hitting end up with an aggressive or violent character in their teenage and adult lives. The reasons as to why parents will brand their children as behaving badly are natural, and it could be originating from lack of proper sleep, exercise, sufficient freedom, and nutrition. These problems cannot be solved through hitting but provision for the children what they lack in their lives. In addition, hitting children impedes with the bond between the children and their parents as no one will feel loving towards someone who hurts us. Hitting children distracts them from learning on the best ways to resolve arguments in a humane and effective way. Since children learn from their parents, hitting them only teaches them the best way to express their feelings and to resolve problems is through physical punishment.

Several researches have come up with clear evidence that hitting children is wrong and that it only creates angry and hurt teenagers. Children have grown up not having the freedom to express their feelings and end up being rebellious people in their later lives. To such people the only way to resolve any conflicts is through fights and physical force. In conclusion, it is morally wrong for parents to hit their children as a way of punishing them for their wrongdoing. Parents can adopt other forms of punishment which does not inflict physical harm to the child or which may have a negative impact on the child’s later life. In the event, a child has done something wrong; it is advisable that the parent employs the method of moderate instruction to the child supported by a strong base of respect and love. This will ensure the creation of a commendable behaviour from the child based on strong intrinsic values rather than the ethical behaviour created from fear of being hit.

Parents Hitting Children. Custom Parents Hitting Children Essay Writing Service || Parents Hitting Children Essay samples, help

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