Social Networks are Addictive

There are many types of social networks around the globe. They have been developed through the continuous investments and modifications taking place around the world. Social networks are created with the aim of enabling individuals interact with others via the internet (Hansen, Shneiderman and Smith,p100). The main types of social networks include, Facebook, Twitter, My Space, You Tube, and WordPress.  These are the main accessed social networks where people share information (Hansen, Shneiderman and Smith, pp 105). In addition, some businesses have used sites such as Facebook and Twitter to advertise their operations because of the large number of bloggers. It is believed that social networks will keep developing due to increased use.

Addiction to social networks results in various effects. For instance, students drop in their academic work. Addicted students develop a tendency to procrastinate their studies at the expense of social networks. They go ahead to chat with friends and fail to complete their assignments (Klochko and Ordeshook, pp120). In addition, they do not concentrate on thorough preparation for upcoming examination. The result of this is underperformance in academics. Social networks addiction has thus ruined the potential minds in most countries leading to brain wastage.

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It leads to irritation and violence among some individuals. Irritation could arise due to unfavorable information passed onto these addicts. They could be abused and annoyed by their friends through their unending access to social networks. These individuals transfer their anger to other innocent people leading to unnecessary conflicts.

Addiction leads to laxity at work places. Employees who are addicted to social networks end up deviating in their performance. This is cause by the urge to check their social sites and see the current events. In offices where the internet is installed, employees concentrate more on social networks rather than their designated work (Klochko and Ordeshook, pp130). This has led to some of them being fired. The laxity is as a result of prioritizing social networks to the required work.

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