Social Frame Work of the Chinese Festivals

The Chinese festivals have helped to bring together different Chinese people from different regions. In some celebrations, the main point has been to help young men and women find their mates and, thus, the festivals involve dances, which help to bring together the young men and young women. Many of the Chinese people met their mates through these festivals and ended up getting married and enjoying a happy marriage. This simply means that the celebrations and festivals have a very positive effect on the Chinese people. The social frame works of the Chinese festivals also involve the foreground of the social media from China, Hong Kong and the world at large. This is because some of the festivals attract social media houses from China, Hong Kong and all over the globe. The conceptual work of the religious and the other festivals in China have helped to fuel social attributes in China and the whole world as well. This has led to some parts of the world borrowing the Chinese cultures from the festivals and ceremonies to write books; create themes for movies and direct movies from the Chinese culture and festivals. The Chinese festivals have become recognized festivals all over the world. Many visitors visit Hong Kong at the peak seasons for the celebrations in order to see and view the enchanting and exciting ways, in which the Chinese people celebrate their festivals. The ceremonies and festivals in Hong Kong have helped to break the ice from ethnicity. This is because the Chinese people become one during the festivals and, therefore, there is no room for ethnicity. Thus, the cerebrations and the festivals help to bring the people together, thus, ending the difference that might have been held by different regions.

The festivals and celebrations have also helped to largely bridge the gap between the rich and the poor in Hong Kong. This is because during the festivals the rich mix with the poor and there is no way to differentiate the two. During the festivals every person celebrates the culture of the Chinese people and, therefore, the rich and the poor put aside their difference to celebrate a greater good or a common good that they share. During the festivals, many people bring different foods, wines, candies, teas. These help to bring all the Chinese people together. It also promotes sharing and appreciating one another. This has had a very positive effect on the way the Chinese people relate to one another (Hobsbwan, 1983).

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Material Frame work of Chinese Festivals

All the information, regarding the Chinese festivals, is found in the Chinese festival books and calendars. This information is also available in the background information and the pictures. Therefore, one can easily get all the information they need from these sources. Information on the dragon boat festivals includes the dragon boat calendar, the background of the boat festivals and the customs for the dragon festivals. The information on the Chinese New year can be found in the Chinese New Year events in the United States and Canada, the Chinese New Year coloring pictures, the many New Year’s links, the Chinese New Year calendars and past events, the New Year’s zodiac, calendars, animals and horoscope. Information on the new moon festivals can be found in the calendar of events, in the history and customs of the Chinese and other recommended books. Information, concerning other Chinese festivals, can be found in the background, history and other cultural celebrations. Special material lanterns are used in the Chinese festivals. These lanterns are made from paper or from silk material. Many different lanterns are created for the festive seasons in Hong Kong. Some are designed as dragons, others like peacocks, birds, animals and other symbols that are used by the Chinese people. Some of the special material lanterns are porcelain material dragon lantern. This lantern is created and designed just like a dragon. It is large and is used in the procession of the ceremonies and the fantasies. The other material lantern that is used in the festivals is the porcelain material peacock lantern. This material lantern is created and designed to look like a peacock. The other material lantern is the porcelain material crap lantern. Among others are the porcelain big castle lanterns, porcelain material big place lantern, the cocoon material phoenix lantern and the art neon light among many other lantern materials.

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The Chinese Mid Aurum festival is a very joyous festival that is celebrated on the 15th of the eighth moon. The actual day of this festive season usually occurs on the second week of September and the second week of October. This festival is considered a festival for the harvest. This is because most of the Chinese foods are usually harvested at this time or season. The crops and foods harvested in this season include crops such as vegetables, grains and fruits. In this regard, the festival entails the celebration of this harvest and food offering are placed on the town square. The offering of the food is a symbol or an act to thank the provider, who is God, for the abundant harvest in that particular year. During the celebrations in this season the streets are rich in all kinds of foods, ranging from apples, pears, peaches, melons, oranges among many other fruits and foods. However, there are specific special foods that are used in these festivals. These special foods include moon cakes, cooked Caro’s, snails, which are edible, rice paddies, which are cooked with sweet basils among many other foods. The moon cakes are, usually, made from melon seeds, lotus seeds, minced meats, almonds, orange peels among many other ingredients. It is the tradition of the Chinese to pile thirteen moon cakes in the pyramid.

These symbolize the thirteen full moons that are usually found in one year, according to the Chinese people. This festival originated from the rich culture and traditions of the Han and the minority communities in Hong Kong. The minority group of the Chinese had the custom of worshiping the moon in the ancient days. Thus, the festivals are held to invite the winter and worship the new moon. The Chinese enjoy this culture and love to worship the moon. This is because it is a culture that was passed on from the ancient times. It is important to note that the moon cakes are not only made in order to be piled in the pyramid, but the Chinese people also use make these moon cakes in order to send them to their relatives. So many legends and stories are told about the full moons in the Chinese culture. These legends include the legend of the ten suns, lengend of the charming young woman, legend of a weak and merciless woman among many other legends. These legends are loved and respected by the Chinese people. This simply means that the legends are told and retold, but they still hold the same meaning and excitement every year (Scott, 1997).

The other common festival is the ghost festival. This festival is usually celebrated by the Buddhist. It is a very joyous day that marks the special seasons and parts of the scriptures. This festival is celebrated during the seventh month of the year. The Chinese people are proud of their rich culture and their traditions. This is evident from all of the festivals and ceremonies that symbolize the traditions and believes of the Chinese people. The traditions and culture of the Chinese people have poured out in to other cultures all around the world (Tams, 1997).

These cultures and traditions have had a deep impact on many other countries in the world. The culture and traditions of the Chinese people have been borrowed by other countries such as Singapore, the United States and Canada in many instances. These traditions and culture continue to draw attention and interests from many different parts of the world. During the festive seasons many visitors from all over the world visit Hong Kong in order to watch and participate in the fun and exciting festivals and ceremonies. The cultures and traditions of the Chinese people are the signature of the Chinese people. The unique ideologies, social frame works and the material frame works only serve as a proof of the Hong Kong, Chinese festivals. The Mid Autumn festivals, New moon festivals and other festivals are proving the rich culture of the Chinese people (Reiber, 2011).

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This paper has focused on the study of many different aspects of the Hong Kong Chinese festivals. This paper also includes the ideologies, social frame work and material frame works on the Chinese festivals. It has also discussed in depth the three levels of the Chinese festival including their manifestations and integration in to the Chinese society. It has also focused on the different Chinese festivals clearly show believes, culture and the traditions of the Chinese people.

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