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Gender roles are the set of behavioral norms that are viewed as the appropriate for different individuals of sex groups. These roles differ widely between various cultures globally over time. There are different opinions of observed differences in gender and behaviors according to their characteristics. These views are based on gender differentiation in various contexts such as the workplace, as a result of the cultural; factors as well as the social ones. Interpersonal relationships have changed with influences from gender roles in the societies worldwide.


Patriarchy is a system whereby the male role is the main authority figure in the social organization. The fathers are seen to have authority over their women and property. This implies that the male privilege has influence in these institutions, and they entail the subordination of women. Many of the societies that practice patriarchy allow the men to inherit property. In some societies, men are faced with specific responsibilities such as to enhance relationships in the families, provide basic necessities, among others.

Men are considered to be providers in their families. They believe they are meant to offer financial support to the entire family. He should contribute emotional and mental welfare of his family. Besides that, he should recognize there are other requirements other than providing money in the family. He is a protector of the people around him. However, this does not necessarily mean that he can only protect them from physical abuse, but also protect the self-esteem as well as the self-worth of his family. This protection also means guarding the family’s property.

A man is considered to be a leader in the society. He should guide his family as well as have responsibility in the community he lives in. For example, when choosing a leader in an organization, people will tend to choose a man to be the leader. He is also a teacher who is considered to lead by example, thus should set high standards in what he engages himself in. they are also given a first hand in decision making in that what they say is always the last say such as where to live and what is right for the family.


The social role of the male is mainly designed to reward the masculinity perception in the society. We find that gender roles are changing with the change in time and culture of upcoming generations. Men have taken over some roles that were considered to be feminine. Masculinity manifestation is changing over time though the natural role of the male is still dominant whatsoever.


Male Gender Role. Custom Male Gender Role Essay Writing Service || Male Gender Role Essay samples, help

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