Social Vices

Other social vices have been encountered and practiced across the world. These include ethnicity among others. This is where several cultural practices, views and beliefs make a difference between groups of people in one setting versus another. These groups may be distinguished according to their native language, religious beliefs, and mode of dressing. Because the differences in ethnicity are not passed on from one generation to another, but are practiced and learned by the inhabitants, this vice can only be stopped by instilling sociological learning in our societies. Ethnicity in many occasions results to hatred among the communities. Many countries strive to achieve multi-ethnicity where different ethnic groups correlate and socialize without limitations. These countries do so by encouraging the groups to maintain their beliefs and practices but relate and socialize with each other on equal grounds. A good example is the United Kingdom and The United States of America.

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Sociology as a discipline should be taught formally in schools so that the society is informed on the negative effects of these vices on the society. I believe if people get to learn how to behave in different groups and how unique their cultures are, ethnicity and racism can be a talk of the past. Studies have shown that learning institutions have a large part to play in sociology and hence enlightening of the society. This is because schools are in a better position to dictate how young people grow up in the society. Schools accommodate people at a young age and therefore play a big role in how they grow either to be socially responsible citizens or bad people in the society. People who grow up in schools of good morals are likely to make the societies they live in better places, while bad schools would bring up bad people in the social ladder. This is the main reason why societies should first invest in schools to ensure quality education for the young generation that will bring up responsible citizens who are socially upright in the future to avoid crimes and increase our well fare.

Sociology has been upgraded to degree studies so that the culture of accepting ethnic differences and socializing without barriers can be encouraged. This is a journey with a long way to go but with the current strides in the society, the future is promising. A society that is socially sane can be achieved by embracing education. 

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