Martin Luther King

King, Martin Luther, Junior used civil disobedience to bring an end to racism and legal segregation in the United States. King, Martin Luther, Junior empowered the black American community by using civil disobedience. He used nonviolent strategies as a way of stressing that spiritual principles which are done in love can bring great victory as opposed to political ambitions that are driven by fear and hatred. Therefore civil disobedience can be used to bring about political and social change. Despite his unfortunate death through assassination king Luther Junior is remembered for his legacy around the world and in the United States. For example he played a great role in ending apartheid in South Africa. The crusades that were conducted by the king were entirely on justice and freedom (king, Jr. Par 6).

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King Luther Junior organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott which led to acquisition of desired voting rights. Therefore actions like boycotts and peaceful campaigns which are a form of civil disobedience can be used to bring the desired change. King Luther Junior strongly believed in divine justice which made him to have a vision for new Christian social order. His belief and vision led to noncooperation with evil shared commitment which resulted to the sweeping of the Civil Rights Movement devotee’s ranks. Therefore civil disobedience is justified when the law allows segregate injustices and social evils. For example the black Americans refused to adhere to Jim Crow Laws which were immoral and unjust. The people were frequently beaten, abused, jailed, and violated in numerous ways because this was the price for the victories which followed. Therefore civil disobedience is justified when people are being oppressed by laws for instance the Jim Crow Laws.

The black Americans peacefully refused to adhere to the set laws in order to get their voting rights and end social segregation. This was the only way to stop the violence and hatred that they were experiencing from the whites. Through civil disobedience they successful ended bus segregation on the basis of race and color. King Luther Junior is considered a civil rights conquest by many. He applied his Christian principles in fighting many forms of injustices that were being done against the black Americans. When the civil and human rights of people are being violated by the law there is usually no other best way than civil disobedience. Most of the time all other options may fail and because people are in bondage and great suffering some technical measures and strategies have to be employed to ensure the good of all. Therefore in such scenarios civil disobedience is justified (King, Jr. Par 6). 

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