Abusive Relationships

In the contemporary society, many women experience violence in their intimate relationships. Research shows that violence is common among dating partners, cohabiting couples, and married partners across the world. Both men and women victims experience physical assault as a result of violence. However, studies have shown that more women victims experience physical assault than men victims do. Some of the most common abusive behaviors include hair pulling, strangling, raping, biting, slapping, just to mention a few. In most cases, violence takes place only after the partners have stayed in an intimate relationship for long. This discussion will consider the reasons why people stay in abusive relationships, and efforts against the abusive relationships.

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Research shows that partners experience violence in their intimate relationship because of various qualities that both partners possess. An abuser may possess a number of qualities, including low self-esteem, occupational stress, or drug and alcohol abuse. Violence victims may possess qualities such as low self-esteem, fear, financial dependency, infidelity, or drug and alcohol overconsumption. These are some of the reasons why partners experience abuses, such as battering, in their relationships. However, partners can get out of abusive intimate relationships through individual counseling, getting an exposure to domestic violence education, becoming financially productive, being faithful to one another, and reducing the behavior of drug and alcohol overconsumption. The victims and abusers should accept their weakness readily and observe most of these countermeasures. This will reduce the incidents of violence among partners in intimate relationships significantly.

In conclusion, most individuals in intimate relationships are at risk of experiencing violence among themselves because of various weaknesses that they possess. However, in the contemporary society, people have devised many countermeasures aimed at reducing the incidents of violence. The partners should be ready to accept their weakness and work toward staying in peaceful relationships. Therefore, it is possible to reduce or stop violence among partners in intimate relationships.

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