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The entire period of 19th Century is known for the major political revolutions and social transformations that characterize the world as we know it today. The crumbling monarchies paved way for present day democracies and liberation of all in their respective social settings. Political, social and economic changes of the 19th Century led to emergence of chief sociological themes. Some of these themes include culture, work and industry, criminality, deviance, law and punishment, family, gender and sexuality, knowledge and science, race and ethnic relations, education and economic sociology (Clarke 2010). These sociological themes raise a common question on how all types of human interactions and relationships can bring about common good to all in the society notwithstanding race, nationality, political affiliation and color.

The Cultural Capital

The sociological concept of cultural capital as articulated by French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu originally attempted to explain why French children drawn across different socio-economic background recorded different outcome during the 1960s. Later on, the term was elaborated to incorporate other type of capital namely human, economic and social capitals. According to Bourdieu, capital is nothing but a social relation in any functional system of exchange and how it works to bring out difference in class distinctions as well as social mobility.

The culture capital therefore refers to all tangible and intangible forms of knowledge of significant values in a society in terms of power and status (Gary 2009). In another perspective, the culture capital entails all those proactive rules that govern the relationship between human, social and economic capital in any society. In a practical sense, capital culture serves as the standard measure to delineate people connect with each other in relation to their resources and other factors of economy (Gary 2009). Intellectual, educational and other social assets are known to promote social mobility outside the economic means.

In the event that there is a sharp divide between high culture and popular culture, cultural capital is normally created when language, beliefs, traditions and values are used as currency to control other kinds of capital. Leaders depend on cultural capital to create an environment that would be fundamental in laying down foundation for social changes or maintain status quo within a society. Depending on how its principles are applied in a particular social setting, the cultural capital is far capable of bring out a crucial social transformation or maintain status quo.

Sociological Themes. Custom Sociological Themes Essay Writing Service || Sociological Themes Essay samples, help

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