Individual Responsibility to Help Others


Taking individual responsibility to help can be interpreted as the act of accepting the consequences that will befall any of the actions taken by individuals. In everyday life, we are faced with the task of taking a stand on whether to take responsibility for others or not. This depends on the nature of circumstances that might have arisen, for example; taking the initiative to ask a friend not to drink and drive or better yet being the designated driver on a night out and not indulging in alcohol a country’s economy (whether capitalist or socialist) rewards and consequences gained or personal decisions. Taking responsibility for others has improved the social, economic and political well-being of most countries.

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Answer: Yes

Topic: Individual responsibility to help others

Main Idea: we are all entitled to help people whenever we can. This unites the communities we come from; assignments given are concluded much faster, lives are saved, and strong alliances can be formed from simply helping a person in need among other benefits.

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Major detail:

Individuals should have a responsibility of helping others if they have the capability. Basically, if individuals who have heart and willingness to offer their help to those people who really need, the society would recognize their efforts and assist them to achieve their objectives.  For instance, Julia was willing to help the kids from poor family and she made effort to help them access reading books. Consequently, her effort was recognized and motivated other willing people in the society to join her in helping school kids access books (Johnson 18)

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Through offering help to people who really need them it may help us transform our society to be a better place. For instance, through Julia efforts of helping the kids access books, they were able to understand more about career and to have hopes of a bright future. The overall impact is an improved society, both economically and socially.

Major detail: in the story of the professor drop out, it is evident that the teachers did not care to help those kids in need. For instance, they seem not to care when Lude asked them why her kids are not performing by concluding that the kids can’t be helped. This portrays irresponsibility of teachers toward helping others (Johnson 18)

Minor detail: If we do not take the responsibility of helping others, we may end up wasting people who have the ability to reach their goals. Consequently, our society may remain unchanged for ages.

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Topic: Significance of reading in transforming the society

Major detail: reading enables people to improve their writing skills as well as to have a good command of English. Besides, it enable individual to become professional in any particular discipline of choice. For instance, Julia was a professional and had a good command of English, both speaking and writing (Johnson 28)

Minor detail: reading can enable us to transform our society positively. It enables children to start believing in new dreams that they didn’t even knew. For instance, kids could encounter various professions who they happened to hear about them on media and thus decide on their career appropriately. (Johnson 50)

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Major detail: reading played a big role in improving the vocabulary and imagination of Lude. Basically, Lude had a passion of reading before she was forced to stop by being viewed by the society as being retarded. She is said to have read a lot of books including Don Quixote and the Mexican revolution. In contrast, her kids had low ability of reading and could not perform well in school (Johnson 14). However, this contradicted her observation of her children at home.

Minor detail: reading plays a critical role in improving one’s personality in terms of imagination, writing skills, and grammar command.

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Topic: Ways of helping those in need

Major detail: The best way to offer help to anyone would be to offer one’s self to anyone, willing and ready to accept your help and has realized that they need help. This would be in terms of any resources including time, money, energy and know how or expertise in any field. For instance Julia helped by sacrificing and devoting her entire time and efforts on kids. On the other hand, other individuals in the society helped the kids by donating money or materials needed.

Minor detail: By spending time with people in need, we tend to grow stronger ties with them and, understand their situations. In terms of monetary help, we can help buy the necessary things that the people might be in need of from personal saving. Since this is offering to give out something personal and that we might have treasured a lot, it serves as offering ones’ self, not in the sense of it, but material form. Finally, help can also be in terms of technical advice and knowledge. This will have the effect of easing up work and making it easier for the people we are helping to continue with their daily activities without any problems. An example would be; coming up with an irrigation system that will facilitate watering in a greenhouse. This will improve the food production of that group of people, save on time and energy that would be wasted by ferrying water to the greenhouse. I consider this offering one’s self because of the aspect of using your expertise to serve. In the absence of your expertise, the achieved results would not have been possible.

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Topic: A reflection of personal experience

Major detail:  in my life I have helped people in several occasions. For instance, I once helped to take a certain sick person to hospital. The person was very weak and couldn’t walk by himself. I have also helped beggars by donating cash to them.

Minor details: by helping people I felt happy inside my heart. At least I feel like I have saved life. What motivated me to help is that I always put myself in the shoes of those needy people.

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Major detail: On many instances, I have found myself in positions I needed help of some sort. One evening while heading home back from school, I realized I had misplaced my bus fare and my mobile phone. I felt stranded as I could not hitch a ride back home or call anyone for assistance. I approached a shop keeper on the same avenue and explained what had happened. I asked for a little money for my fare with a promise to refund the following day on my way to school. Fortunately, the shopkeeper was kind enough to help.

Minor detail: I learnt that help can come from any person, and at times one has to accept that there is a problem in order to be helped. I have to admit, I have helped on many occasions, but I cannot forget this instance back in the junior school. The school bully had picked on a tiny boy and from the look of things it was obvious the tiny boy stood no chance against the school bully. I was in the same grade with the bully, and I


In conclusion, it is important to take responsibility and to help individuals in a personal decision. One must not always ask or expect rewards whenever he/she helps a person and should not discriminate on who to help and who not to. Would the world be the same if we all decided not to help? I am for the opinion that, help starts around us. Coming up with a student help fund in college to help fellow students in times of desperation and extending this to help people in the vicinity of the college, we will be doing justice to the world.

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