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Sociology is important to everyday lives of individual in the society both personal and political in various ways. First, through studying sociology, one becomes a profession and may help uplift the society. For instance, in the case of female genital mutilation in UK, professional sociologists may help to advice on how female genital mutilation affects the behavior of females later. Second, it enables individual through interaction with others to identify and achieve their full potential in the society.   For instance, one may realize his/her potential of leadership. Personally, sociology has enabled me to offer my services as social worker to my society.  Politically, sociology has also impacted greatly to individuals in the society. It enables individuals to unite and fight inequality, oppressions and poor governance. for instance, UK government seem to take no action against the female genital mutilation. In this respect, various individuals and groups of the society including the media have united together to fight this reckless act. It also determines the various types of power to be applied to people. According to Karl Marx, society is associated with class struggle where individuals belong to different social classes as a result of capitalism mode of production (Sumner, 2006). However, through interaction of the “have-nots” in the society, they become conscious of their exploitation. Consequently, they unite and become one resulting into communism in the society whose main agenda is to eliminate class struggle. On this front, it is evident that sociology plays an important in influencing people politically. Wright Mills on the other hand shows how sociology influences power and inequality in the society. Accordingly, Mills claim that the society comprises of three pillars of power namely military, industry and politics. Moreover, Mills identify three kinds of power in the society as authority, manipulation and coercion (Sumner, 2006).

Importance to everyday lives                

Through sociology, people understand the various norms and values that are required in the society. In this respect, the behaviors of individuals in everyday lives are governed by these norms and values. For example, sociology has enabled people in UK to recognize female genital mutilation as illegal and unethical practice that has to be eradicated. Besides, sociology provides an effective way of preventing conflict among people in the society. Moreover, sociology encourages desirable behavior through rewarding systems and discouraging undesirable behavior through punishment (Deutsch et al., 2011). For instance, people who promote peace in the society are rewarded with peace Nobel prizes, while those who insight people to violence are jailed.


It is evident that sociology is significant, both personally and politically to individual lives. Basically, through sociology, people are able to come up with desirable ways of achieving balance and stability in the society through solving various conflicts.

Importance of Sociology. Custom Importance of Sociology Essay Writing Service || Importance of Sociology Essay samples, help

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