The Truth about Abortion

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy and ejection of an embryo, which is incapable of surviving without the womb. However, the debate on abortion is not as simple as the definition given above. Whether or not abortion is right is an aspect of human right, which as many other aspects, is open for interpretation. Those, fighting against abortion, claim that it is the killing or murder of an innocent and helpless fetus, which has not been given the opportunity to live, experience and function as a human being. Those, supporting abortion, claim that women can decide whether or not to carry the pregnancy, and if they feel that they cannot bring a baby to the word, then, nature should not force them to carry the pregnancy. Every life on earth is precious, sacred and God given, and it is, therefore, wrong to take away the chance for the unborn child to enjoy life and enjoy all the rights bestowed unto every individual.


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Abortion is a medical condition of terminating a pregnancy before one is due for delivery. Facts indicate that there are over six million unplanned pregnancies conceived yearly in America. This is a cause for major concern since the women with these unplanned pregnancies are likely to end in abortion. Statistics show that over 1.3 million abortions are performed every year. In addition, others statistics indicate that 40% of all women in America will procure an abortion at some point in their lives. Before the Roe and Wade case decision by the Supreme Court in 1973, there were approximately 500,000 abortions, occurring illegally in the United States of America. After the ruling, by 1975 more than a million babies go through abortions yearly (Finer et al. 2005). This translates to about 4000 abortions every day and approximately 3 abortions every minute. Currently, 93% of abortions in the United States of America are purely for convenience. Only 3% of the abortions results from the mothers’ health issues. The baby’s health issues are only 3% of all abortions that take place. This shows that abortion is always for convenience of the mother and for selfish reason. In the year 1973, the Supreme Court gave a ruling that legalized abortion, giving rights to women to have an abortion during the first 2 trimesters. This was in the case Roe v. Wade. In its ruling, the Supreme Court stressed that carrying out an abortion is a fundamental human right for women and making it illegal violate the women’s right under the Due Process Clause that prohibits the state from denying citizens the right to privacy, which includes the qualified right for a woman to terminate a pregnancy. The court resolved that a non-viable fetus, which is a fetus that cannot survive if taken out of the womb, does not qualify to be termed as a person and, thus, the unborn fetus does not enjoy the Due Process Rights (Chuck 2012).

As expected, there are thousands of people who oppose abortion. The main argument being that life is sacred and, thus, should be protected by every person. The pro-life advocates support the right to human life and murdering or carrying out abortion is playing God’s role of ending a life. The pro-life advocates also state that abortion is a risky procedure, which also puts the mothers’ life to danger. They feel that there are other options to abortion like adoption. This would give the child a chance to live and get a family apart from the biological mother.

There are those people who advocate for abortion (the “pro-choice”) for a number of reasons. Their main argument is that women can decide and make decisions on what happens to them and their bodies. Pro-choice also hold that when physical health of the mother comes under threat due to pregnancy, then, one should consider abortion to save the mother. They also hold that there are situations that can justify abortion; for instance, pregnancy resulting from rape or incest. The argument is that the child will always be a reminder of the horrible act the mother went through. Thus, an abortion should be the option to help the mothers heal (Agresti 2008).

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I believe that life begins immediately after conception, when cells starts multiplying and organs start forming and, thus, there is a need to protect this precious life. The major concern for the pro-choice advocates is not protecting the life growing in the woman’s womb but protecting a God, and it is, therefore, wrong woman’s right over the rights of the unborn child (Agresti 2008). The baby, who is not able to exercise his/her rights, is murdered, and to make it easier, the baby is called fetus or not yet human or not viable. Those who have never seen an abortion operation should make a point of seeing a sonogram of an abortion. The so called ‘not yet human’ of ‘non-viable’ retracts from the objects of death and trying to seek self preservation. The baby wants to live. It is, therefore, no need to emphasize that what is in a woman’s womb is human and needs protection just like any other person.

As early as two weeks of gestation, the fetus is already complex and human and has feelings, though, not fully developed and in the second trimester, the baby can feel pain. The DNA of the baby clearly forms right from the moment of conception, and it is unique from anyone else on earth. Consequently, there is no excuse for murdering the baby whether on the basis of mothers’ rights, rape, incest, or deformities. Life is sacred and should be protected under all circumstances.

I find the idea of calling a fetus as non-viable as baseless. The fetus has human DNA and is, thus, human in its nature. Humans are not humans by their ability to move, walk, speak, or have legs and hands. A person born without arms or legs, or who cannot speak or one who is in a coma is still human. I constantly ask these questions, if the baby has a DNA, and it is alive, how can it be called unviable? At what point does the baby transform from the non-human to the human form? What criterion determines that the baby is now human? With the advanced technology, it is possible to support a baby from the second trimester to survival. This means that the baby can survive without necessarily being in the mothers’ womb. Consequently, terminating the life of such a child is wrong and should be condemned with all power and authority.


Despite all the arguments for abortion, I still hold that abortion is wrong, and every person, including the unborn fetus has a right to life. Both women and men should take responsibility of their actions and conserve the life they created in those few minutes of pleasure. The pro-choice advocates would argue that rape does not have the minutes of pleasure; instead, they have moments of pain, trauma, and hatred. They advocate that pregnancies conceived during such times should be terminated to help the woman in the healing process. However, my question to them is, why should the innocent baby have to pay for the wrong thing, committed by a man? The baby is innocent and should not be terminated on the basis of mode of conception. After all, considering that the baby is human, and then terminating a pregnancy should be considered wrong. The mother, then, has to deal with the regrets and guilt of taking away an innocent child’s life. This also would be too hard and sorrowful.

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There are other alternatives to abortion. Not all the pregnancies have to end in abortions. The woman should just give birth to child, then, get a family to adopt him or her and save the precious life. The governments should consider setting up homes and fund them, where ‘unwanted children’ can be brought up. The government should establish stiff penalties and fines to any woman who undergoes an abortion, just like there are penalties and fines for murdering someone or for a man hitting an expectant woman resulting in miscarriage. All life on earth is precious, sacred and God given, and it is, therefore, wrong to take away the chance for the unborn child to enjoy life and enjoy all the rights bestowed unto every individual.

More than 30 states tried to pass laws, making abortion illegal. What these states need to do is stop waiting the Supreme Court to change the decision, and stand on their state autonomy and independence and prohibit abortion. According to Chuck (2012), the legalized form of pregnancy termination is a national holocaust; an insult to the national character, and a negation of existing principles pledged to since the onset of western civilization; an affront to the doctrines independence; blight to the national spirit and a sin before the Almighty God.

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