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Theme definition

Knowledge forms a critical component in the emancipation of the human race. This virtue of knowledge is primarily driven through development and dissemination of pertinent information among individuals and institutions. These are essentially the definitive aspects in the development of the theme of freedom of speech. Ray Bradbury’s novel ‘Fahrenheit 452’ provides a succinct analysis of freedom of speech in society and consequences associated with losing it.

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Theme Explanation

Freedom of speech has significantly evolved into a major component of our society. This is especially with regard to the definition of what ought to be considered as right or wrong depending on the context. This well portrayed in Fahrenheit 451’s plot in which the governmental authorities are constantly involved in eliminating text books considered to be containing wrong information. This can be seen when Beatty objects, “Once you accumulate knowledge, it’s very much like owning twelve beds. You can only sleep in one at a time. The rest are superfluous. There is only one truth worth knowing” then Montag interrupts, “Fire” (Bradbury, 1986, p.7). In addition, destruction of knowledge is considered as a mode of controlling freedom of speech. This can be seen when Beatty compliments Montag’s response that “…And Smoke and ashes. Answers to everything. Problems solved, worry eliminated. Right, Montag? Right?” (Bradbury, 1986, p.7).

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 It is almost important to note that owning certain genres books in the society portrayed by Bradbury was essentially considered as harmful. This is primarily because the governmental authorities believed that these books served to sensitize the public on the truth, which the public ought not to know. However, some members of society are determined to uphold this fact. In one incident Mrs. Hudson, who has a secret collection of hidden books, fears that the authorities would finally catch up with her, during which she touches the stack of books and they talk to her (Bradbury, 1986).

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These incidents are common in our society as seen in various political events. In these events, there are certain forms of information that are not supposed to reach the common people. However, with the presence of modern media world, somehow this information reaches the common people through newspapers. The authorities make an attempt to stop this from happening using all efforts. This results in the undermining of freedom of speech, which lie in people having prime access to information.

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