Ethics in Nursing

Accountability and responsibility

Nurses bear the basic task of taking care and individual accountable of their practice. Nursing activities involve, care activities, act of delegation, instructing, investigation and management. In every mentioned case, nurses take the  accountability and responsibility for the quality services.

Self Respect

Respect is the mode of bringing moral significance as well as dignity for all humans living regardless their personal qualities. Moreover, it extends to one self with similar duties we owe to others, the same may apply to oneself as an individual.

Preservation of integrity

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Integrity is an imperative feature of personality completion and is also a main issue to all nurses. Nurses are responsible for their level of consistency about both their personal and collective values. They also agree to concession to the level that it often leaves as the perceived integrity preserving compromise.

Wholeness of character

The personal and professional identities of the nurses are related to each other so they can’t be separated , nor entirely merged, but they are integrated. Nurse’s responsibility is also shown when is asked to go across moral values even though they may vary from others.

Responsibility to the public

Nurses are responsible for giving clear data about the health status of the community they are activating in and about existing threats as well. This applies to both individual and collective level. By supporting and participating in a large group of communities, nurses can assist and make efforts to inform the members of them, about the potential threats they might be exposed to and as well give them guidance regarding how to avoid them.

Values are one of the key aspects of a Nurse, together with a positive attitude and knowledge of certain terms, regardless if objects, actions or ideas. These terms are valuable due to their big effect upon decision making, and preservation of moral integrity. Morale is a concept of good or evil regarding behavior of an individual


Organ Transplantation

Should organs be sold?  What is the obvious meaning of death concerning organ donators?  Is there a variation of interest existing between the known potential donor and also its recipients?  There are many religious wars with both donating and receiving of organs.


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Conscience clauses give me the right to decline to participate in abortions, but I cannot be at a good position to invoke their values on every client.  The latter, in this case, has a right to understand and explained all the choices that exist.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

The ANA’s position on AIDS – the moral commitment to be concerned for HIV-infected patient cannot be set aside except the risk exceeds the task. Must we health care providers and clients be mandatory?  If so, whom should the results be given to, the insurance companies, sexual partners, or caregivers?

Nonmaleficence is the duty to do no harm. At sometimes accidental harm, such as; an undesirable response to a medication, staining a patient that you held to tightly so that to keep him from falling, infringement on his or her rib (Bailliere, 1999).

Autonomy is the right to make one’s own mind now that each person is unique. Some people have got “inward autonomy” that is in consideration of their own choices; they usually have “outward autonomy” if the choices that they made are not restricted or forced by others (Bailliere, 1999).

Beneficence is the ethical duty to do what is right or to put into practice actions that advantage patients and their support persons. Doing what is right can also bring harm, such as; advising a patient to do exhausting exercise, but he should  take the risk of being heart attacked.

Veracity is an ethical code that stands that one should tell the reality and not cheat. Does a medical practitioner tell a lie when it is well-known that the lie will reduce worry and panic?  The loss of faith in the medical practitioner hardly ever justifies any payback gained from lying (John, 2009).

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For instance, after the initial interview with the patient and mother, I excuse the mom to speak privately. If upon ensuring confidentiality, the patient reveals that he or she is sexually active and seeking contraception but is not ready to inform his or her parents, I will not document this in the chart. I usually document diagnosis of menstrual irregularity, which is a catchall phrase, and can mean anything you want as opposed to true diagnoses as metrorrhagia, polymenorrhea, menorrhagia which has precise definitions. I am extremely careful to document the menstrual interval, flow (pads/day), and length in days. I do not disclose this sexual activity, because I feel particularly strong about keeping the confidentiality of my patients, and open access to records does not allow me that confidentiality (Pamela, 2009).

Nurses confront ethical issues in daily practice. The advances in technology have widened the scope of ethical issues nurses are confronted with, as patient advocates and protectors of the community health and moral values of society. We are faced with ethical issues in the health care community. The examination of these situations furthers the base of nursing knowledge and encourages dialogue among the health care communities (Peter, 2012). The phenomenological approach has been used to obtain the descriptions, and to interpret the meaning of the experience, revealing useful knowledge. These descriptions have advanced the body of nursing knowledge and are beneficial to the future of clinical practice (Pamela, 2009).

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