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Social institutions are mainly the organizations that operate in our daily live basis. This are family, government, economy, education and religion. I referred in studying the one that I am in. This is the Cornerstone Baptist church in New Jersey. It takes an important part in my life and in my socialization. It refers to all of the above mentioned institutions because it impacts all the fields in life of their members.

The importance of being a part of a social group is not overstated. It provides for a person a variety of possibilities to increase  the moral, spiritual or even fortune positioning in the society. Cornerstone Baptism church is helping their members to find a way to live a happy common life. It brings to the community the idea of being happy with what you have and not an idea to win the race in being the wealthiest.

One of the important thing is that it goes with today’s expectations and needs. The annual church business meeting help to control all the flow of any good in it, and to make the best usage of it; to decide where it is more needed or not. Existing of the community awareness club gives an opportunity to expand the borders of knowledge about each question. People are learning history together, taking leadership classes, even cooking courses. Mainly it brings together all in all known ways and ties the people together. Then it educates  totally aware, smart, competitive leaders, that can state their mind and hold to it. It is a very well structured organization. The fellow brothers not only learn one from each other how to study the Bible and how to interpreter it. We learn how to speak to a person witch is totally not prepared to be an orator and convince her that she can take the challenge. In the missions all over the world the uneducated are being learned how to read and how to pray. The donations to develop the potential of the regions of the 3’d world are very essential part in charity programs of the church.

The contribution in all kind of spheres has a great impact on life of it’s members. They become more aware about what is really important and what objectives should they obtain and value. The perspective of Cornerstone Baptism church is that it educates people and shapes them accordingly to that what they need. If there is a lack in economy awareness, economist meetings will be held , if there is a lack of agrarian knowledge, there will be conducted meeting of the farmers, if there are no educated people, classes will be organized.

Although the world is changing very fast. The Cornerstone Baptism church is very quick in adjusting. This is the main advantage of it before the others.

Church as no other social institutions provides the best development for people in any life areal. It does not depend on life criteria, like politics. When you would like to enter it you do not have to have a proper education or meet any specific requirements. This means that not meeting any specific expectations, it is open to collect the major human potential.

Reflecting the usage of all goods that are in the possession of the community inside the church, it is common to donate the goods one to each other. All the things that are beyond primary needs will become available  for the purposes within the fellowship. The system works perfectly and is addressed to make everybody equal. It is done in order to achieve evenness for all that are inside the community.

The Cornel Baptism church makes a big stress on family. This is the collar on witch the church is standing and is built. The interaction with all of the greater objects in the community is mostly seen in the family. It is essential that woman are more likely to be subordinated to the men and are committed to their role of supporting them and taking care of the family. The children are supposed to help their parents during they lifetime and taking care means not only supporting with good behavior but also by admitting they willingness to grow their children inside the same community. The willingness of staying together with the family and within the same community is also supporting the equality idea.

The Baptism does not support hierarchy. All major decisions are taken in the meetings where people vote. This is closely related to the political system of democracy. Although not supporting the idea to choose somebody who would represent any special idea for all the others. Remembering the idea of equilibrium in the community, everybody are taking part in shaping their community.

Choosing the religion believes to guide yourself through live means choosing a specific community. This is mainly choosing a way of your life direction. Social improvement takes a great part in it. All the members are supportive and have the same objectives. Sticking together and having associates in such a social structure of community is very important.

It is essential that Corner Baptism church do not exclude for their members being a part of any greater social institution. Human nature has a deep necessity to be connected with living beings in any kind of social institution. They all cross-road each other in some way. Moreover they are connected and can not exist independently. Each of them interferes in to the area of another. They all complete each other.

The Corner Baptism church involves all of the greater social structures of community. Hereby it expands  it’s notions on all  live fields. As social institution it provides education, support, safety and understanding. Fitting this perfectly in economic, family, politic and religion institutions.  Giving their members confidence in the future. Confidence is very important in social institution. When there is none, people would not join it. Everybody chooses for themselves the one that fits him. For one this will be confidence in political conviction, for other in family foundations and for some in religion.

Social Institutions. Custom Social Institutions Essay Writing Service || Social Institutions Essay samples, help

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