Beautiful People Are More Successful

The argument given in Sydney Katz’s article is that beautiful people are more successful in life. Various supportive evidences to the argument are identifiable in the article. One of the evidence given in support of the argument is the likelihood of beautiful people having more friends, lovers, achieving higher grades and salaries and higher ability in cashing cheques.  

Beautiful people have more success in their careers and that there are careers where there is high pay for beautiful patients. Women that are more glamorous are hired to a certain job of despite having the same qualifications to the other applicants (Edith Geddes). This argument is supported in the book by the higher chances of hiring a six-foot tall man (Drake) than a short man applying for the same job. During the promotion process, the most likely people promoted are the beautiful once, hence support that beautiful people are more successful in their careers.  The other supportive evidence given is that of more attractive patients being more cooperative and motivated from the assessment of the medical staff and that beautiful patients have high likelihood of getting better.  Doctors do give more attention to beautiful patients (Lena Nordholm) and he explains that this is because they are more cooperative and attentive to medical procedures. The other evidence given is that well people are fined less in courts in the example of Joan Finnegan. He uses Karen Dion as evidence to support his argument where an attractive kid is given less punishment.

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A number of the evidence given are backed by studies where studies have shown that attractive kids are punished less, attractive people are hired, attractive patients receive more attention and that tall men are paid more than their short counterparts.  He uses Drake and Edith Geddes as examples where tall men and glamorous women have high chance of being hired respectively.

In my opinion, he presents a logical and well-constructed argument due to the number of supporting evidence he gives. Supportive evidences, which span a number of areas and aid in giving weight and logicality to Katz's argument.  His argument is well argued and the evidence forms a great basis for the making of the conclusion in support of the argument that beautiful people are more successful.

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