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Causes and Effects of Smoking. Custom Causes and Effects of Smoking Essay Writing Service || Causes and Effects of Smoking Essay samples, help

Smoking is associated with the addiction to inhalation of fumes from burning tobacco. That dependency develops with every gulp without realizing it affects not only the health of initial smoker but other people around. Such addiction to fumes usually develops along with drinking of fermented liqueurs, which cases alcoholism.

There have been many researches about the influence of those bad habits on the human body: it is not only the health matter; it became rather a social construct (Mullahy & Sindelar, 1991). Many scholars also demonstrate various illnesses caused by smoking (ASH, 2011). There could be more discussions between scholars about that issue, but I am convinced, one can easily avoid the influence of such dependency once deciding to lead a healthy way of life as its continuous consumption would never lead the individual to any progress.

In order to avoid negative causes and further effects of smoking, education and influence should go from all sides: family, school and the child itself. School has to educate the youth by organizing various lectures and excursions to corresponding institutions, by inviting people who were smokers before and were able to quit. Family should serve as the best example of the warmest and the most comfortable surroundings for the child. And, of course, the most depends upon the child – his or her preferences in spending their spare time.

Children have to be involved in the organization where everybody is leading the healthy way of life, where there is an idea on self-education and the necessity of self-development. An example of such organization can be boys and girls scout club, where children can stay and develop during all their lives. Of course, many can argue that it is impossible for everybody to be a scout and avoid smoking during the whole life, but you never know unless you try.

Smith clearly states about the alcohol, which is parallel to tobacco inhalation and its effects: “individuals… may sometimes ruin their fortunes by an excessive consumption of fermented liquors… in every country there are many people who spend upon such liquors more than they can afford” (Smith, 2005). Thus, we need to address those issues to everybody who we can still direct to the right way.

Causes and Effects of Smoking. Custom Causes and Effects of Smoking Essay Writing Service || Causes and Effects of Smoking Essay samples, help

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