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Homosexuality as a Deviant Behavior in the American Society

According to the different studies done in the past, there is no a single definition of the term “deviant behavior” and it is usually defined differently by various scholars. Nonetheless, it is beyond evidence that some behaviors are not only deviant in one’s perspective, but also before the society at large (Clinard and Meier, 2010). Taking into consideration American society, homosexuality appears one of the most notable examples of the deviant behaviors.

Analysis of Homosexuality as a Deviant Behavior              

Psychoanalytical Theory

The given theory explains homosexuality as a deviant behavior. According to the theory, every person is born with an inward desire to do something against the normal trends of life (social norms). In this case, a person may behave normally only when he or she lives under a certain directive given by parents or guardians. However, when such a person is exposed to other cultures and environments, he or she is likely to reveal an inward need and attraction. Under such circumstances, a person can be exposed to homosexuality (Clinard and Meier, 2010).   

Socialization or Learning Theory

The given theory states that a person can easily adapt a certain habit or behavior for a short period of time. Because homosexuality is not a generally accepted social norm, a young person is likely to try it anyhow. What is more, one can find a certain group of people with a similar homosexual practice (Clinard and Meier, 2010).

Disobeyed or Violated Norms Resulting in Homosexuality in the US

American people have long strayed away from the primary habits that enhance a societal wellness. Such are the religious and societal norms that point out to the man-woman relationships. Although it is a common knowledge that homosexual relations are against humanity, many people have backed down from the nature in order to satisfy their own desires (Clinard and Meier, 2010). 

Deviance. Custom Deviance Essay Writing Service || Deviance Essay samples, help

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