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The difference between men and women has been based on cultural beliefs that a person has grown up with since childhood. It is common understanding that many people are often pushed to undergo certain practice because of their gender. For instance, it is common knowledge that women have to do household duties as opposed to men. Gender roles have played a key role in building and shaping the society. Although gender roles have been known to be natural differences based on anatomy, definitions of the same have changed significantly with the rise of different perspectives on the same. Many facts have been used to change the roles of both men and women thus resulting to a change in the development of roles for both men and women. In this context, gender roles are taught as opposed to   being natural.

While many people in the past have up held the value of being a man or woman, the modern society has forfeited this cultural belief. As a result, gender roles today are reverse as both men and women have changed positions and taken each other’s roles. Nonetheless, this reality has not split the society, on the contrary, it has brought in a high sense of confusion, which is evident because of the push and pull effect between men and women today. In fact, the society today is mixed up with values and practices that oppose the difference in gender such as smoking. In this regard, gender roles have gone extremely beyond the wearing of trousers and skirts. Similarly, it is crucial to understand gender roles.

Background Information on Gender Codes

The identity of a man or woman has been known to be his or her physical figure, which determines one to be either a man or woman. It is a common traditional trend that every child born with the female genital will grow up to be a woman and play her role as expected. On the other hand, a child born with the male genitals is expected to grow up to a full-grown man. This means that the two individuals already have their places in the society. The traditional society has established that men are supposed to be the breadwinners while the women are to take full responsibilities for their households. In this context, the traditional belief of men and women does not allow gender to be mixed up.

Dressing is one of the leading evidences that have been highlighted by people as a means of defining gender. As mentioned above dressing in a skirt has been the tradition attire for women while men put on trousers. Similarly, authors have today pointed out on the changes that have come up due to modernity. The modern society opposes the traditional definition of a man and a woman. According to Tannen (2) women have been marked in the society unlike women. This is one of the subject maters, which closely relate to gender roles in the society. Tannen highlights that women are often noticed to be different in their modes of dressing and behavior in the society. For instance, it is easy to realize a won dressed in a trouser walking the streets. While it is common knowledge that women put on trousers today, it is still a point of concern amongst many people that women dress like men. On this note, the author of There is No Unmarked Woman realizes that it is imperative to understand that woman must be treated equally to men always. In this short story, the author includes instances where “women didn't have the freedom” to be unmarked. However, such a mentality should not hold water. Consequently, the modern society should allow people to choose on what one wants to do or wear. This is because the definition of gender does not limit the strength and ability of a person.

Inequality has been a fact that had brought in many debates. Many people have risen with complains in the family, employment, and the community at large. While the female gender feel oppressed and left behind, men have taken off with the best titles and luxurious offers in the society (Bruhns & Stothert 264). People have thus complained of a time to come that there shall be gender equality. When both men and women will be treated equally. Additionally, it is a future being awaited for when men and women will be able to do equal duty in any social set up. The gender codes questions has since been a serious basis for balancing opportunities in the society (Blum 1).

Reasons or Evidence to Support Your Original, Specific, Debatable Thesis

Dressing Modes of the Modern Society

As highlighted above people today have taken reverse role in terms of dressing. While women dress like men also behave like women. For instance, there are men today who take time to put on makeup on their faces as parts of their daily grooming. There are women who have changed their lifestyle to behave like men, for instance, there are women who walk like men. Such are behavior that are only adapted. Although a person is born with male features, he can expose himself to certain groups of the opposite gender and adapt likewise. Today, people are slowly learning how to embrace gay men. These people were born to be men, but have taken in habits that cause them to behave like women. Additionally, there are gay men who go a step ahead to put on female wear. In this context, it becomes clear that gender codes are not only natural but are learnt.

Teenage girls and boys are amongst the people that clearly exhibit the effects of gender codes. These young people will often try to change according to what is around them. A teenage girl that relates closely with boys is likely to turn to behave like a boy. Again, if a young boy grows up with female siblings, he is likely to grow up with distinct female behaviors.  

Young Women Have Taken Masculine Occupations Today

In the past, women were restricted to the type of occupations that they can take in the corporate society. While women were known to take secretarial jobs, men had the privilege of having influential positions in the society such as managerial positions. On the other hand, other occupations such as sport events e.g. boxing were known to be men’s type. Today, there are many female boxers in the arenas as there are men. Women are continually being empowered to become strong and influential figures in the society. This is primarily through training, which they receive by virtue of education or habitual practices and likes. In the same capacity, men are today practicing feminine jobs such as hairdressing and catering in the hotel industry. Hence, it can be concluded that gender roles are not only natural, but also adaptive. Aaron Devor discusses in his articles that gender roles are like behaviors and attitudes (2).

Many Women Are Able To Raise Children Single Handedly

The family unit has clearly depicted the various roles that a man and woman have to play. History records of a time when men were meant to be breadwinners while women were to take care of the homestead and children (Bruhns & Stothert 17). While men went out to hunt and gather food, women had to stay behind and cook or build houses. Although these roles varied from one cultural setting to another, it was evident that there were masculine and feminine roles. The traditional set up did not allow any person to evade his or her responsibility. Hence, every person played his or her part without fail. As opposed to the traditional setup, men and women today have avoided and escaped their responsibility. For instance, men leave their homes and abandon their families. This leaves the mother to play the role of both father and mother to the child. In this regard, many women have been forced to adapt to the new settings of being breadwinners. As a result, women today play tough roles in order to sustain their families. On the other hand, men who escape their role as men in the families end up becoming weak and ineffective.


Gender roles are primarily a result of nature. A person obtains these traits right from birth. A person is born either a man of a woman. However, this is by virtue of the anatomical appearance of a person. The physical appearance is known to define the gender, but does not limit an individual to what he or she can becomes. It has been known that both men and women can adapt to new habits and behaviors that may mislead a person to the opposite gender. Hence, gender codes are adaptive. In this context, it is paramount that a person realizes who he or she is before adapting to a new habit or behavior. This is crucial as it determines the person that is seen in the society. This goes in line with Tannen’s thought “women are marked”

Are Gender Codes Natural. Custom Are Gender Codes Natural Essay Writing Service || Are Gender Codes Natural Essay samples, help

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