Civil Rights Issues

Since, the September 11 2001 attack on American soil. The government has introduced some laws including the patriotism act, which others object thinking it undermines human rights while others have no problem with it. This paper discusses on why the legislations are not meant to undermine human rights, neither are they meant to show the government’s power over its citizens. 

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All humans have the right to enjoy their freedoms and rights. Under no circumstances is the government free to limit human rights so long as the one enjoying freedom does not infringe others freedom (Birnbaum & Taylor, 2000).  The government did not formulate these rules in order to prove its superiority. In fact, the rules protect Americans primary right to life. What can an individual do with rights when they are dead? Of course, we need to be alive in order to enjoy our freedoms. If the government does not protect our rights through this way, then, we shall lose all our freedoms to the terrorists through death (Birnbaum & Taylor, 2000).

In short, this law is protector of our rights and keeper of our lives and the reason to why we claim our rights today. It is not here to deny our rights but to ensure that we live to enjoy our rights. Moreover, the government needs to prevent terrorism. This is not a show of power but governments duty to prevent terrorism and threats of any form from the American soil. To some prevention is better that cure is easier said than done. That is why the government needs just to check into your computer for some few details or install a few cameras in public places. If you have nothing on you, you are free to go.  This is not infringement of your rights. It is only but a simple government procedure of enhancing security. Therefore, you need to comply than complain.  My rhetorical devices in this text are sentential adverbs, polysyndeton and some understatement.

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