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Exercises that Make You Smarter. Custom Exercises that Make You Smarter Essay Writing Service || Exercises that Make You Smarter Essay samples, help

It can be extracted from the experimental description that every aerobic action leads to growth the brains. The greatest growth of the brain cells is expected when an individual/mice is subjected to more strenuous conditions; actions that make the subject to pant and increase blood and oxygen flow into the brains. From the first experiment on both sets of mice improved their performance after being subjected to different stimuli. Although the argument held by the researchers might be regarded as true, another argument might also be set. When a person or mice is subjected to non impressive environment the brain tends to develop additional cells in response to the conditions.The growth of the new cells enables the subject to survive in the tough conditions more easily. The superiority in brains cells might have been the result of the differences that emerged when the two sets of mice were reintroduced in the pool of water.
Since time immemorial brains are found to improve when subjected to strenuous conditions. When the straining is compensated by availability of adequate food and ambulance of oxygen, conditions that are necessary for growth, the brain cells are expected to grow. However, if the strenuous conditions are accompanied by limited access to food and oxygen in the blood, the growth of brain cells might not be as effective. In fact from the experiment it can be deduced that lack of adequate growth factors during strenuous excises body cells and brains cells might be damaged and consequently the growth might be reverse.Although this experiment said nothing concerning the age of the subjects, the growth of the brain cells is expected to be highest in the young mice/individuals as their ability to reconstruct and produce new cells is much higher than in the aging groups. The experiment failed also to comment on the effects of other factor like temperature on the growth of the brain cells. Like many other experiments that are related to cells, temperature and pH levels are expected to play major roles in the outcomes of the experiments. Although the experiment verdict can be carried into the future as true, conclusive results might be far off as there are still many other conditions that were not factored in when the experiments were set up.

Exercises that Make You Smarter. Custom Exercises that Make You Smarter Essay Writing Service || Exercises that Make You Smarter Essay samples, help

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