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Darwin’s reasoning. Custom Darwin’s reasoning Essay Writing Service || Darwin’s reasoning Essay samples, help

Charles Darwin one of the most celebrated scientists of all time coined up some of most analytically researched on theories. One of his publications On the Origin of Species in 1859 formed the basis in which the modern understanding of evolution is pegged on.  Charles Darwin in his 5 year expedition around the world observed with zeal the natural composition and habitation of various organisms and species. With his keen eye for detail Darwin came up with theories that tried to explain the fundamental variations of species. According to Darwin’s reasoning, a process known as “natural selection” separates species from their original ancestors and it is by this that the four lizard species which are found on the Caribbean which are closely related came to different species (Darwin, 2007).

According to Darwin, a situation in which each and every individual of a species reproduced perfectly would most certainly increase the population uncontrollably. Darwin further goes on to observe that populations rarely change. He also suggests that resources’ provided by nature are limited and hence have to be used carefully.  The “Anolis” lizards in the Caribbean are a perfect example of how limited resources provided by nature are shared and how the lizards evolved to adapt in this phenomenon.

The lizards are limited by food but still yet they have found ways in which to exist with each other. The lizards have different body shapes in order for them to survive. The physical size of these lizards is basically associated with their habitations or “niche” as Darwin put it. The partitioning of resources is basically based on habitations. This difference in size originates from their ancestral habitats. Darwin pointed out that nature selects the fittest members of a species to survive and hence the differences in size allow one of them to have an edge over the other in case a physical confrontation ensues because of the food factor. The lizards also show variations in habitants with all the species thriving excellently on wet habitations more than dry habitations. In other places a particular species is more abundant at sea level condition than another with the reverse of this phenomenon also being true in the forests and hilly habitats.

Darwin’s reasoning. Custom Darwin’s reasoning Essay Writing Service || Darwin’s reasoning Essay samples, help

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