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Many people may have viewed Einstein as a genius particularly after he came up with the well known and widely used formula E=MC2. Einstein was however not a genius in his time but his rather sense of curiosity was what made him to be a renowned maestro in the world of physics. His lack of being satisfied by the reasonings of his predecessors made him to become a real genius in the years that followed.  Einstein used the work of other scientists to display his arguments. It is evident that all Einstein did was to reason out of the box unlike the other scientists in his time did ( Orman, 62)

Einstein’s reasoning and failure to give up was the main driving force behind his success. During his time there was a theory which was formulated some centuries before his time by the great astronomer known as Galileo. The theory was known as the relativity principle. It was this theory that perhaps made Einstein what he is today. The theory had some shortcomings but the scientist’s at that time were fully satisfied with it. However, Einstein was not in any way convinced with the principles that were laid down by this theory.

The shortcomings of this theory were the key in unlocking the greatness in Einstein. He embraced this challenge and without much considerations started to find the solutions to the so called “holes” in the theories put forward. His curiosity and determination was the main ingredient in creating one of the greatest scientists on earth. He found pleasure in pursuing what was considered an impossible undertaking by the scientists that lived in his time.

Einstein’s success came up with his persistent questioning of the various theories that had been put in place and trying to find the solutions to these answers. He would fill his mind with boggling questions about different aspects in the world of physics then try to find ways in which he can prove them. The formula E=MC2 is the fruit of his persistency and self belief. What perplexed Einstein the most was the happenings that would have occurred in a mirror when one was traveling at the speed of light. This was actually the foundation in which the formula was based on.

It took an impressive ten years for Einstein to find the solution to this answer. The journey to the answer may not have been easy considering the time frame that it took and also the fact that he had to go against popular beliefs of scientists who may have been considered greater than him. Einstein went against the reasoning at that time and assumed that light was a constant. Scientists at this particular time reasoned that only time and distance were constant while light was a variable. According to this assumption Einstein reasoned that if light was a constant then the energy and mass of a body were one and the same thing that only existed in different forms.

It was due to this reasoning that he came up with the formula E=MC2. In his formula E is the energy that a body posses, M is the mass of the body while C is the constant of light which is a very large number. The formula in itself shows that it will not matter how small the mass of a body is, it can be transformed into a significantly large amount of energy and the vice versa is also true. The formula as it is has been the foundation for nuclear reactors which transform a relatively small amount of mass into a large amount of energy. The same theory is also used in the production of atomic bombs.

Albert Einstein. Custom Albert Einstein Essay Writing Service || Albert Einstein Essay samples, help

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