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One of the major areas which bring out clearly the concept of grave desecration is the Lake Hole Cave which was discovered by individuals whose main objective was to sell the American skulls and artifacts. This cave was dug by some people around the month of March in the year 1990. As a result the contents of the cave which included skulls as well as some other rocks were exposed. Human remains play an important part in the history of human evolution, their social as well as religious practices. If the skeletons of humans are to be considered as sacred then museums will loose they meaning and function. This is because culture conservations as well as the preservation of the skeletons of the ancient humans and other vertebrates fall under this department (Katzenberg and Saunders 13).

The estimation of human origin was made possible by studying the discovered human remains of the ancient time. For example the discovery of the bones of Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis) who played an important role in establishing the progress in human development from the early homids. Through such fossils the human lineage has been determined thus bringing clarity to the controversies surrounding the origin of man. Therefore ancient human remains have played a significant role in science and other sectors anthropology. In medicine human corpse are used during practices to study the important parts of the human internal organs and systems. Ancient human remains have also been important in tracing ancient human migrations. This has been possible by employing some techniques like DNA identification.

On the other hand there are many historical sites in the United States which are considered sacred. For this reason any interruptions that may occur in this place without getting the permission from the necessary authorities are considered illegal. An example of such sites includes the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem city which is considered sacred by the Jewish community.  Archeological remains are mostly found in those sensitive places that are considered sacred because of the history or the religious ideas which they hold. Since museums hold artifacts from many places one of the arguments that are still ongoing is whether they should return artifacts to their original countries. By considering ancient human remains as sacred many scientific research and discoveries will be not possible. Some people believe that if excavation must be done then they should follow the beliefs as well as the native values of the community (Weaver 131).

The consideration of human remains as spiritual if not sacred limits future developments in the field of archaeology. For instance the religious people of the ancient time believed that their dead needed to be buried with the tools they possessed because they were of use to them in the next world where they were going. The people of ancient times believed that any disruptions of the death will make their spirits to wonder instead of going to mother earth were they were supposed to rest. In conclusion it’s very clear that human fossils are of great importance to science and further studies. Therefore as much as the controversies and clams raised makes some sense it’s important that we do not doom the future inventions and discoveries of science and the related fields on this basis (Bray 92).

Human Origin. Custom Human Origin Essay Writing Service || Human Origin Essay samples, help

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