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It has come to my knowledge that there is exuberant need to: Cut full-day kindergarten, Increase class size to 30+ in grades 1–5 and eliminate an alternative program to prevent high school dropout and so on in my District. I strongly believe that the reason as to why the changes are to be effected is due to insufficient funds. It is therefore due to this fact that I have decided to write this letter to you in order to address the mentioned phenomenal, and give it to your better judgment so as to advocate on my issues. To start with, I will bring into your attention the implication of undertaking the changes I have mentioned earlier.  

Cutting full-day kindergarten according to my view will have a negative impact in the society. This is because, parents have decided to cut down on costs by not hiring babysitters, and instead take their children to a day-care. Children here are not only taken care of, but are also educated. Therefore, in my view, day care should remain in operation for they are of great importance to the parents. Full day kindergartens have helped in molding children to get the importance of school at a tender age. In addition, closing these kindergartens will lead to job displacement to those who work in them. I therefore strongly point out that the aspect of closing down these kindergarten schools should be abolished.

The other concern am bringing into your attention is increasing class size to 30+ in grades 1-5. It is a gigantic move to increase the number of a student in a class to be more than 30. This will reduce the impact and total concentration the teacher will give to students. Some students require special personal attention, and making a class to have more than 30 will be too much for a teacher to deliver. This will result to less concentration and attention to both the students and the teachers. I therefore point out that, instead of increasing the number of students to more than 30, more classrooms should be constructed, and increase the number of teachers.

Finally, I agree with move to eliminate an alternative program to prevent high school dropout. Some students find some programs irrelevant, hence opt to dropout. By cutting down some of the alternative programs would reduce the chances of school dropout since students will not feel over burdened, hence will have the moral to go to school.

The remedy to the above mentioned issues is to find an alternative source of income. Alternative source of income will come in hand, and sustain development and growth, as well improve and uphold excellent performance. I am therefore bringing in to your attention an alternative source for generating tax dollars for my district. I was thinking if you mobilize people around my District, and educate them on coming up with artificial fishponds. This will turn out to be a great income generating activity, and as a result, with an adequate tax system in place, reasonable amount of tax can be realized from the project.

I therefore request you to take immediate action to respond to the issues I have pointed out to you.

In my view, there is tremendous need for equalization of local, county, and state funding systems. It is evident that, local and county funding is not balanced. This is proven from the fact that, in New Mexico, it was funded by 15.6 percent, where else in Nevada funding was reported to be 62.6 percent. This is a magnificent difference, which should be taken into consideration. This is the case for Nevada’s funding is realized from the state managed Local School Support Tax (LSST). In addition, property such as mining tax is also inaugurated in funding the local schools.

From the chat, it is therefore of unquestionable importance to equalize the funding of local schools in order to maximize and improve in the productivity of local and county schools.

 The impact of district power equalization is that, there will be balanced attitude from the students, and hence school dropouts will be minimized if not eliminated. Another advantage of district power equalization is that, resources will be distributed evenly. This will result in making all local schools even, without favoring some schools more than others. Nevertheless I urge therefore to have district power equalization in all local schools so as to have fair performance ground for all the students. This will boost the moral for the students, and eliminate the aspect of lowering self esteem to the students who are currently in less privileged schools.  

A fair, equitable, and adequate tax system is adequate to be put in place. Considering Nevada, it solely depends mostly on the mining industry. Nevada gains tremendous income from the mining industry, which is used to fund local and county schools. Therefore, a fair, equitable, and adequate tax system should be considered. The government should not over tax the industry so as to leave it with substantial amount of money to cater for the funding of local and county schools. Due to the financial crisis in the past few years, there has been a reported case of economic uncertainty around the world. Considering Nevada, income has fallen tremendously. This has received a major boost from the mining industry, which has made meaningful contribution to the budget of the state from the revenue received from the mining industry.

A tax system which puts into consideration the effect of financial crisis is characterized to be fair and adequate to be in operation. The system should not oppress the minority, and the less privileged. It is therefore for this reason that I bring into your attention the need to have a tax system which is fair and adequate.


In a nutshell, local and county schools should be well funded, in order to achieve an even performing ground for students. An adequate and fair tax system should be put in place so as to favor the sources of income which fund the schools.  

Finally, put into consideration all the issues have brought to your attention. I appreciate and thank you in advance.

Sincerely …………………..

Local and County Schools should be well Funded. Custom Local and County Schools should be well Funded Essay Writing Service || Local and County Schools should be well Funded Essay samples, help

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