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Second Language at School. Custom Second Language at School Essay Writing Service || Second Language at School Essay samples, help

The importance of learning more than one language cannot be over emphasized in today’s world given the globalization status the world has acquired in the recent past. Therefore, high school students should be encouraged to learn a second language in preparedness of the unique modern life that has to do with inter cultural relationships. One of the most prominent reasons justifying this is the nature in the field of employment. Students can shape their career paths by learning second languages early enough to enable them secure jobs in different parts of the globe (E-learning pages, 2011). For instance, careers such as interpreting, teaching of languages, and translating require that one to be equipped with a strong background in languages involved. One may also wish to work in foreign countries in a field such as business and law that require a lot in terms of understanding and using the language(s) spoken by the locals. This is not only vital in boosting ones career goals but also creating the sense of freedom and comfort in some parts of the globe.

Learning of a second language is a boost to Academic growth because it enriches mental development of a child in different ways. According to E-learning pages (2011), Students’ benefits are reflected by an improved thinking and listening abilities. Personal identity in different cultures is also improved because one is capable of expressing themselves in much more confidence. Students are also able to appreciate other people’s culture since speaking their language enhances a harmonious environment between natives and foreigners. Development can be achieved much easier in the absence of a language barrier because people can integrate and work together more than when there is a communication barrier. Apart from academic and careers reasons as to why students should learn a second language, political gains are easily achieved. Different countries have different political lifestyles as defined by geopolitics around the globe. The ability to communicate amongst different societies enhances cohesion and mutualism thus establishing better and improved social status. High school students should, therefore, be encouraged to learn second languages.

Second Language at School. Custom Second Language at School Essay Writing Service || Second Language at School Essay samples, help

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