Establish Criteria for Possible Solutions

Define the problem:

We have found out that institutions offering courses at extended campus, including our own Campbell University, have an obligation to provide resources and services in support of their programs. But the biggest problem is that that of running resources at these extended campuses.

Limit the topic:

Our topic is unavailability of tutors at the extended campuses.

At Campbell University, teachers are not available for extended campus students. This is because most of the tutors are usually tired after a hard day’s work and opt to give assignments and notes instead of being physically present in class. 

Analyze the data:

Extended campus at Campbell University is offered in Fort Bragg, Pope Army Field, Research Triangle Park (RTP) and Camp Lejuene.

Data from these campuses are as follows; 30% of the lessons are not attended to at Fort Bragg, 28% at Pope Army Field, 19% at RTP and 23% at Camp Lejuene.

Establish criteria for possible solutions (For example: cost, who makes the decision ultimately, etc):

The criteria for possible solutions could be to petition the dean to ensure that tutors are paid enough money and on time.

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Cater for tutors’ costs to and fro campus when needed by use of college taxis to ferry tutors to the different campuses.

Suggest Possible Solutions:

Solutions could be allocating enough running resources to tutors.

Ensure that tutors have enough time in between their normal classes and extended campuses.

Offer good remuneration to attract tutors

6. Check the individual solutions against the established criteria:

By providing transport facilities, teachers will oblige to attend to their classes when they are due rather than giving assignments or class notes for students to copy

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Good remuneration will motivate tutors not to miss their duty but be loyal

7. Decide how the solutions will be carried out (For example: Post it, take it in to your own hands, etc):

We propose that the dean should address the matter to all stakeholders by meeting them say in a hall and listen to other people’s views and then make a decision on the same.

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