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High School Presidency. Custom High School Presidency Essay Writing Service || High School Presidency Essay samples, help

As my junior year approached its end, the beginning of the elections for student body president and vice president was announced. Mike, one of my good friends, sarcastically said that we should run and I agreed. Shortly after that, a few fellow students nominated us for the roles and the war began.

The very next morning when I got up from bed, a feeling of anxiety started to take form. The amount of competition that awaited us was phenomenal, and I kept asking myself what separates me from the rest of the people who were running for the presidency?

When describing an individual like me, I prefer the words hilarious and entertaining, and this is part of the reason why I began to believe in my chances. Our trump cards for this election were actually my amusing personality. As it turns out, none of the other participants had this wonderful characteristic and we were definitely going to use it to our advantage.

We started off our campaign by bribing our fellow students, and as soon as this strategy was complete we were heading towards the last part of the campaign. We had to hold a speech in front of our colleagues, which was definitely the decisive moment. In my disadvantage, my enemies in this election were very skilled in public speaking. The words that I would have to equivocate in this speech would have to make us stand out from the rest while achieving the delight the crowd.

When the moment came, I went up to the microphone, said my hilarious yet insightful speech and won the crowd over. In my advantage, the other participants talked about “ohana” and all that the political issues that they would address to if they were chosen. I took a rather different approach, talking about planning more ice cream days and getting a ping pong table for the school. What the other participants failed to realize is that they were dealing with a group of high school kids and not with adults. This was the big difference between how I had created my speech and how they thought they could win the crowd.

When voting day came and the votes were tallied up, Mike and I were called in the principal’s office with the other candidates where they had to announce the winners. My adrenaline was pumping and I felt that I could not wait a moment longer when they said that we won. We immediately took position and started carrying out the acts we promised.

Being Vice President of the High school has really altered my way of thinking and has given me a different perspective as a student. We have already completed a number of successful projects, but we will not stop here!  After a while, I realized that the crowd chose me for being open-minded and easy to talk to. However, I am still seen as a normal student by everyone and I would like to keep it that way.

High School Presidency. Custom High School Presidency Essay Writing Service || High School Presidency Essay samples, help

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