Counseling: Two Unique Creative Openings of Groups

Creative Openings of Group 1: Elementary Students

School Counselors are counselors working mostly in the elementary schools to guide and advice students on career, academic, personal and social aspects. As such they come face to face with several ethical and legal issues every day. They also have to be very careful with their reactions and responses to such situation, to avoid any sort of legal action against them or deterioration of a child’s condition due to their negligence. This is a situation that most counselors would face. Therefore, it is highly important to brace oneself up for similar situations, to understand and delineate not only the roles but also the functions of the counselor. Moreover, the code of confidentiality has to be taken into consideration in this coherence as well (Rashotte, 2006).

Creative Openings of Group 2: Middle School Students 

Teenagers are very influential especially if they are all associated to a certain affiliation or group. Rebellion and defiance as well as breaking all the rules and regulations set to control and guide them. Indulgence in risky activity such as sex, drug abuse and defiance is the most common trend where social influence leads to the complete change of a personality. Peer pressure is highly evident in schools, educational institutions, at home and through the conversation with neighbors and friends. It might also happen that such pressure influences the members of a certain peer group positively. The change in behavior is observed as a result of personality modifications by peer pressure. At times, the effects of this influence demand psychiatric and counseling intervention to change the person. The drugs indulgence leads to the long last addiction (Arguello, Caballero & Chamorro, 2009). Catharsis is the most likely reason of this indulgence in drugs and destructive activities. This is a problem that has in most cases resulted from the long time problems that affected the person greatly. Rehabilitation is the only possible cure for such addictions. Imprisonment and destroyed lives are the other long term impacts that affect an individual.

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