Proclaiming Independence

This is a response paper to the article " Proclaiming Independence: Five Days in May from Ben-Gurion's Diary" which was authored Tuvia, Friling and published in Israel Studies, in 1998. The article is base on the diary of Ben-Gurion from May, 11 to May, 15 1948 which signifies the events which took place during the transition period when they proclaimed the Jewish State in Palestine to be called the state of Israel.The culmination of the five days diary is marked by the event he held on 14th May 1984 when he read the scroll of Independence which was passed by the national council. He read it amid applause of overjoyed citizens who kept on interrupting the reading by prolonged and loud applause. After he concluded the declaration he instructed the assembly to stand up as a gesture of their agreement which will be adopted of the scroll of Independence. He further emphasized that members of the council from Jerusalem those who could not make it to the gathering at Tel Aviv were also in agreement and had ratified the document.After unanimous support of the agreement he proceeded to read first proclamations of the newly formed state which included abrogation of British paper which was prohibiting Jewish movement. All of them were approved hurriedly. The end of the meeting was marked by all the attendants being on their feet as orchestra was being played and Ben-Gurion later declared "The State of Israel is established! This meeting is ended" (170)Ben-Gurion highlighted the events which took place on 11th March to 15th March. 11th was on a Tuesday and it is when he got reports from the battlefronts. He was informed of the possibilities of convey leaving from Jerusalem and there were a lot of weapons which were captured. He was also informed that the hostages who have been captured will be released and promised they will not act until the state is declared. It also had the information on how he would organize the Air Force in readiness of war. He further explained on the responsibilities and tasks he had to undertake for military supplies to ensure they have all what they needed when at war. The materials which he ensured were supplied were; equipments and clothing's which they have had complains that they do not have. Apart from organizing the supplies he had also to resolve Army matters which were issues on their administration on matters of their education/skills, financial and recruitment. On the same day he was also meant to address policy and security review on how they will manage 10,000 immigrants who were illegal and had inhibited their state. His last event of the day was Jordanian and Jerusalem Front in which he held a meeting to review the security situation dangers and achievements. It is in this meeting which they discussed on how they will have control of Jerusalem roads at all times.

On Wednesday 12th, 1948 he got the reports from battlefronts as the previous day after the briefing. There was agreements that an order to be issued to the brigades about the invasion from Transjordan which was expected. Secondly he reviewed the military manpower and supplies. While evaluating he noted that solders were being conscripted for work programs which he realized that they were running into hundreds. He participated on issues of empowering the military by discussing on arrangement of temporary work. After discussion there was agreement to recruit solders, manpower and skilled labor to improve on their services delivery.

He also emphasized on the need of organizing the army to meet future needs of the state. The meeting also deliberated on the resources which the military should be given for time they will be at war. At mid day Ben-Gurion he was formulating principles of organizing the army of the future by structuring it to ensure that; the army is subordinate to the people, that every one who is in the defense force would operate in accordance with being clearly defined and thirdly defense considerations would be deciding on all factors in defense matters. Later in the afternoon he prepared on how he will declare independence, this was discussed while in a meeting of the peoples Administration.On Thursday 13th Ben-Gurion had only two main issues which he addressed in his diary; he got the reports from the battlefront for the better part of the day and late in the afternoon as six O'clock he when the gathered together with the Peoples Administration meeting to discuss on how they will declare the independence.On Friday 14th and Saturday 15th was the last day whose events were to conclude on declaration of independence of the Jews state. His day started very early at 2:00 am by receiving a telegram for, Fritz which lead to the massacre of defenders and by 11:00 am Katriel reported that Etzion Block have surrendered which lead to women being sent to Jerusalem while the men were taken as prisoners. Two hours later at 1:00 pm the text for declaration of Independence was approved and at four O'clock in the afternoon he declared the independence. At Saturday his diary for the five days ended with final arrangements on how the newly set state would operate and its confirmation. At one AM he was informed that the state of Jewish was officially recognized and at quarter past five he broadcasted over the radio on the declarations of Jewish independence.

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