Natural Cures

"Natural Cures "They Don't Want You to Know About" is a book which directs its readers in seeking other form of therapies that will cure and ensure that one obtains a natural state within the body. Kevin Trudeau firmly believes that the United States government is trying to hide information on the benefit of using natural remedies in curing various diseases. The book explains how the Food and Drug Administration, American Medical Association and Federal Trade Commission work together in ensuring that people are not enlightened about the effectiveness of using natural therapies in curing diseases compared to the use of pharmaceutical therapies (Trudeau, 2007).It is evident that the books opened up many people mind in understanding the corruption that exists between the government and many insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Most individuals did not take the initiative in understanding the effectiveness of alternative medication which comes from nature. In my opinion it is very clear that both the pharmaceutical and insurance are the beneficiaries in case individuals become sick. It is ironical that Kevin claims that the sun screen leads to cancer rather than the ultraviolet radiations. This is very ironical since it is well known that ultraviolet radiation causes skin cancer. The UV rays cause skin cancer through changing the status of the cells within the body. It is therefore very important that pharmaceutical approach be employed in the prevention and cure of cancer and in that case sunscreen can be applicable (Trudeau, 2007).Cancer is caused by carcinogens which are cancer causing chemicals often found in petroleum substances and other major chemicals. It is therefore very clear that the government allows various companies to saturate the environment with harmful products whereas it citizens continue to have a loosing battle of acquiring cancer and formulating methods to cure it. Trudeau was very simplistic in his ideas but his main concern was to educate people into using common sense when approaching issues on health care (Trudeau, 2007).  He clearly portrayed the significance of using natural methods in fighting various ailments. Some of the natural methods are like ensuring that one is able to consume a balance diet and engaging in various physical activities. People know the importance of having a balance diet and engaging in physical activities but they fail to practice them. This shows how people have become ignorant even to what is termed as healthy practices (Trudeau, 2007).

There are various diseases and sicknesses being experienced today compared in the past fifty years.  Due to the fact tat the world is industrializing, the rates of people suffering from various diseases have gone up. Kevin therefore explains the importance of preventing the occurrence of the disease as compared to finding cure for them. By using the pharmaceutical method in curing disease we tend to do a lot of injustices to our bodies thinking we are doing the best thing. It is very clear that the book enable us to seek prevention other than cure. People should embrace habits such as eating balance diet and engaging in physical activities in fighting diseases other than waiting for pharmaceuticals in finding the cures to diseases such as diabetes, cancer and other respiratory diseases. People should not ignore the fact that medicines produced by the pharmaceuticals have sides and pose negative threats to health. Generally, majority of what is written in the book portrays the picture of what is happening in the world.

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