Response to 'Capital Punishment is Justice'

Ed Koch, an American lawyer, politician, and political commentator, who served three terms as mayor of New York City, is an avid supporter of the death penalty for villainous crimes of murder. He sees it as an inevitable measure of punishment that can help reduce the murder rate in American society which now grows alarmingly. Having carefully analyzed the ideas of his opponents he developed strong arguments in support of the capital punishment. He admits that death penalty is very unpleasant issue but avoiding it and doing nothing would be barbaric towards actual and potential crime victims.

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Death penalty is a very complicated issue, and there cannot be the right answer to the question if this punishment should be implemented or no. From the point of view of crime victim’s relatives it is the only proper sentence for the criminal.  From the whole society perspective capital punishment is an effective means of rendering heinous murderers harmless and preventing potential murderers from committing crimes. But at the same time many ethical questions arise. What about those people who pass the final sentence and people who execute it? Do they have a right to sentence a human being to death? Aren’t they equated to the criminals? How will they feel sentencing murderers to death? While many ethical problems remain unresolved American nation is in urgent need of effective means of crime prevention. And until people find in all senses humane way of curing society from crimes, capital punishment will remain the most reasonable option for us. There is no doubt that innocent crime victims have more reasons and ethical rights to live than cold-blooded murderers.

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