Racial Profiling

Racial profiling is the use of a person's race or ethnicity by the law enforcers to decide whether to engage in the enforcement (thefreedictionary, 2010). In the real sense this deed is controversial and is worldly seen as inappropriate and illegal. The article on the "you have the right to remain a target of racial profiling" by Eugene tries to outline the existence of racial profiling. In this article the races that are considered are blacks, whites and Hispania's. Eugene considers a paramount scenario of road discrimination where white drivers are treated fairly compared to black America and Hispanic drivers. According to the federal bureau of justice and statistics report which was released on Sunday back in 2005, showed that black drivers were not mostly stopped by the traffic police in Washington. It also showed that African American and Hispanic drivers are subjected to being frequently searched compared to the white drivers. This essay evidently shows the existence of racial profiling. It also shows that black drivers searched always resist arrest while white drivers do not. It also portrays white drivers as responsible of their actions. This essay deeply believes in the existence of racial profiling existence. It also aims at ensuring that there will not be further pattling down by the police for them to be searched. "We don't want a society in which people have to stand by the side of the road, fuming, while police arbitrarily rummage through the stuff in their cars - shopping bags, children's toys, McDonald's wrappers "in the aim of finding illegal materials (Robinson, 2007).Response to the editor

In response to the essay by Eugene Robinson about the race profiling, I would like to acknowledge the existence. Does this result from racial differences? These stopping of the black and the Hispanic drivers may have been contributed by other factors other than racial differences. Black drivers are known to be confident in themselves and quite crafty compared to whites since he writes that white drivers with vehicle defects were arrested compared to 67 blacks who thought that stopping because of a vehicle defect was not crucial. This shows how the black drivers are stubborn and they do not accept their mistakes.

I also disagree with Euston's believe in the existence of racial discrimination since even the way he supports his argument that whites are most likely to be involved in crimes does not appear to be valid since if they carry dangerous possessions they would not stop for check up. Blacks and Hispania's on the other hand do not seem to be straight since they do not stop which may imply that they may be in possession of harmful products with them. If the blacks were straight why would they not allow for inspection? (government, 2010).If racial profiling exists today, why has the world at whole not risen to the occasion? This question needs to be addressed in order to realize whether the racial profiling exists. In this article we do not see a single occasion where the whole world is involved in fighting the racial profiling. For the blacks the cases of arrest must have resulted from their behavior while driving rather than the aspect of the racial differences. Carrying of illegal materials can be investigated by other ways except by searching of vehicles in transit. This can be computerized checking. According to me racial profiling cannot be established under these grounds.

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