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New York City is home to some of the biggest and most spectacular buildings in the world. However, most visitors as well as residents agree that Trump Tower is one of the most magnificent buildings in the entire city. It is ranked as New York’s 52nd tallest building. The 58-storey building is located at 725 Fifth Avenue, 56th Street in central Manhattan and is named after its developer, Donald Trump, who worked in conjunction with the Equitable Life Assurance Company during the tower’s development. This research paper shall focus on the tower’s design, construction and the underlying architecture. In addition, it shall establish that the tower is one of the city’s defining buildings.


The building was designed by Der Scutt who was at that time working for Swanke, Hayden & Connell, a well-known New York City architectural company. A masterpiece and the most magnificent design of the 1980s, Scutt’s work is regarded as his all-time best. It is not only regarded as one of New York City’s landmark buildings but it also serves as a commercial, filming, and residential center (Horsley, 2011).

Construction and Architecture

The Trump Tower’s construction began in 1979 and was completed in 1983. It was then opened for commercial purposes on 30 November 1983. Irwin Cantor was the on-site structural engineer.  The tower, which is 664 feet high, is made of reinforced concrete (concrete and steel) and has a core (shear-wall) design. In order to reinforce the building further from any lateral forces such as minor earthquakes and strong winds, the building’s top floor boasts of a concrete hat-truss thus binding all exterior columns to its central core. The tower’s exterior is unique due to the fact that it entails fixed blocks of reflective glass in addition to accentuating setbacks in order to provide a wider and better view of the city as well as increase space, more so in rooms that have corners.


Ordinarily, such a tall building could not have been constructed on such a small, central site. However, Trump and his team of architects were highly ingenious. First, they bought all air rights granted to the popular Tiffany’s Stores, which are located next to the tower. Secondly, a through-block arcade linking the tower to the nearby IBM Building was constructed. Consequently, the atrium was named as part of the requisite public space in order to comply with government regulations. These two measures were instrumental in circumventing the restrictions stipulated under the law.

The atrium is one of the most notable features. Lavish and awesome, it spans six floors. In addition, it entails an illuminated waterfall, which is strategically located across the entrance. A first-time visitor is riveted to the beautiful scenario and may feel compelled to visit the tower again. All public spaces such as the shops, cafés, office lobbies, and the pedestrian bridge are tastefully covered with Breccia Pernice, a unique and rare pink marble. This is then complemented by a blend of mirrors and shiny brass.


Perhaps as appreciation for his much - acclaimed work, Donald Trump resides in the tower. There are several notable organizations, as well as people who live in the Trump Tower. First, the building has hosted popular television such as The Apprentice. In addition, all winners of beauty pageant shows organized by Donald Trump’s company, the Miss Universe Organization, have their offices in the tower. Other notable tenants are Pepper Kumar, Beyonce Knowles (artiste), Erik Prince, and Mutaib (a Saudi Arabian Prince).  Some world-renowned organizations, which have their offices in the tower, are Qatar Airways, Gucci and the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF). In conclusion, the tower is reserved exclusively for the high and mighty. Nonetheless, the building is open to the public. The design and construction is a tribute to a man’s magnificent work and is a must-see for all visitors (Trump Tower, 2012).

The Trump Tower. Custom The Trump Tower Essay Writing Service || The Trump Tower Essay samples, help

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