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People continue to design kitchen equipment that saves their time. They use such equipment to fulfill daily chores in the kitchen. The dishwasher is one of the most popular kinds of equipment in the kitchen. It has simplified work for many people on the family level. The dishwashers have also improved performance in places like hotels. This device continues to solve the problems related to dish washing in the kitchen, and it still grows in popularity. This paper will address the advantages of a dishwasher. The machine is automatic, healthy to use, adjustable and economical. These factors make the machine helpful to many people.

Advantages of the Device

The dishwasher has a lot of advantages; these advantages have placed it among the most used gadgets in the kitchen (Michael, 2004). First, the dishwasher is an automatic machine. It does not need a person to keep monitoring the working process. A person just needs to feed a few commands, and the device will do the rest. Before the dishwashing machine was invented, people used to hand-clean the utensils and wipe them dry. Therefore, nowadays the dishwasher saves time: its owner is free to accomplish other chores as the utensils are being cleaned. This has helped people to continue with their work at home without worrying about dirty utensils. The convenience of this machine has encouraged many people to obtain it. This machine cleans the dishes and then dries them by means of electronic heat. This machine can clean utensils for hours without being switched off. This endows it with convenience that cannot be compared with other kitchen gadgets.

People whose skin reacts to certain chemicals contained in soaps and detergents have found this device to be rather helpful. A person utilizing this machine will never have to touch these detergents; the machine has a mechanism of auto-releasing the detergents to clean the utensils. A person just loads the dishwasher with the utensils, and the device does the rest (Jordan, 2007). Thus, people with sensitive skin do not need other caretakers to do the dishes for them. People who hand-wash the utensils are prone to cuts and bruises. This puts the health of these people in danger as the wounds may contact germs. The dishwasher has reduced the occurrence of such incidents. People just remove the utensils from the machine after the cleaning process is over; this means there is minimal to no chance of accidents occurring.

The dish washer can be adjusted depending on the utensils being cleaned. For instance, one should set low temperatures for washing small utensils. This will ensure that each utensil is cleaned properly. One should not mix metallic cups with plastic mugs when washing since high temperature will damage the plastic cups. Similarly, one should not mix breakable utensils with utensils that cannot be broken easily. This is because durable utensils will collide with the weak ones and cause breakages (Rowley, 2000). The temperatures of the dishwasher can also be adjusted depending on the stains on the utensils. For instance, utensils that have fatty residues of foods will require hot water. Contrary, utensils that do not have fatty residues do not require hot water to remove the stains. The cleaning speed of the dish washer can also be adjusted depending on the volume of utensils to be cleaned. These machines have sensors that are controlled by microprocessors.  These sensors can also detect the volume of utensils fed to the washer (Freeman, 2004). Special sensors give commands to the machine about the length of time it will take to clean the utensils. Therefore, a person should not worry about some utensils not being cleaned.

The dishwasher also has numerous pros in terms of its economical nature. The device is very economical because it saves a lot of time and money. First, the machine only requires one person to operate. Before this machine was developed, hotels and restaurants used to engage a lot of personnel to do the dishes (Jordan, 2007). When used to clean dishes in commercial establishments, the device saves a lot of funds that could be spent to pay for human labor. The dish washing machine has come to replace these people. This method of cleaning the dishes has proved to be efficient, cost effective, and easy. The machine is also economical since it saves a lot of time. People do not need to spend considerable time doing dishes (Freeman, 2004). People who hand-clean their utensils use a lot of soaps and detergents, but the dishwasher regulates the amount of soaps and detergents utilized. This helps save those substances since the dishwasher will only use the necessary amount to make an item clean.


The dishwasher is an indispensable gadget in the modern kitchen (Jankowski, 2001). A lot of people have purchased this device, and they have testified that the gadget has helped them a lot. Since people become busier, this machine has helped save some time for other activities. The machine is efficient and convenient. It meets the challenges of cleaning dishes and, thus, making life easier. It is a very effective gadget that has transformed the modern kitchen to attain great levels of neatness.

The Dishwasher. Custom The Dishwasher Essay Writing Service || The Dishwasher Essay samples, help

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