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The Experience/ Identity of America as Portrayed in Pictures. Custom The Experience/ Identity of America as Portrayed in Pictures Essay Writing Service || The Experience/ Identity of America as Portrayed in Pictures Essay samples, help

Numerous pictures and portraits of American origin try to explain certain fundamental aspects of this state. Some of these pictures portray initial conditions of the state. These may include pictures of ancient American topography or the pre-colonial era in America. In addition, some of them depicted matters concerning the lifestyles of the African Americans or Latin Americans, the racial discrepancies they underwent and how they finally achieved their liberty. Such pictures possess immense significance since they tend to portray the true American ways of life and culture. Some of them depict America as a multiracial state, while some portray the high levels of racism that exist in the state. Moreover, it occurs crucial to possess these historical and even current pictures since they help the citizens and non-citizens to better understand different aspects of the state. Furthermore, such pictures tend to give a clear view of how the state developed from one level to another over the centuries (Baigel).

The first fundamental picture that shall be discussed includes the Oxbow designed by Thomas Cole. This occurs as a fundamental geographical feature in one of the main rivers of the United States of America. It occurs in the Connecticut River at Northampton. This picture brings out the culture of the American ancient wilderness. It appears as an item that tries to link the former America with the current America, from a period of total wilderness to an era of immense technological growth. In its initial emptiness and passive nature, this picture still tries to portray the state’s culture.

The picture is represented by immense void and tradition. The only inhabitants as the picture shows include indigenous people and peculiar animals. In addition, people of this era live in a vast community of both humans and strange animals. The wilderness shown by this picture portrayed a number of deductions based on its significance to the experience and identity of America. Some viewed it as a void that needed establishment and development. Others thought of it as a good source of raw materials for industries since it entirely represented nature. Cole’s representation of the American physical state poses a question to many people. This includes whether the wilderness would leave to give way to civilization or would these two aspects rather exist side by side. Features like the Oxbow, birds and a descending storm arouse several suggestions concerning the state (Reynolds 48).

There exist certain portraits drawn from ancient American politics to the current one. These pictures tend to arouse some level of ridicule towards certain political figures in the state. Moreover, they appear as part of comedy and fun in the attempt to break the monotony of seriousness in the political field. A good example of portraits includes the ones made by one McCormic. The artist makes numerous portraits of  presidential loser candidates of America. Moreover, toad the fun in his portraits, he makes them appear ridiculous and amazingly funny. The artist has managed to produce portraits of losing candidates such as Mitt Romney, Barry Goldwater and Winfield Scott Hancook. Thus, the significance of these portraits includes replacing any bad feelings over the failures with a rather funny portrait. This further depicts how far this state has come from ancient America to the present America and its political developments. It shows the presidents who attempted to run or seat in vain. Moreover, it helps learners to identify those parties who managed to win the seats at those particular times. Thus, apart from appearing as a centre for comedy, these portraits possess an immense educative value.

Another significant work of art that portrays American experience includes the Asian American portraits. The portraits tend to outline the physique of the Asians and their experiences in ancient America. In addition, these portraits show the level of stereotype that the Asians encountered in the early centuries of colonial America. The stereotype depicted by these works of art not only shows the racist factor in ancient America but also in currently. White Americans still possess immense racial characteristics especially on leadership issues. The Asian American portraits may only act as a representation of the general stereotype that exists against the minority groups in the states.

An example of such a portrait includes an Asian American woman. Several artists carried out this work of art. Some of them include Hye Yeon Nam and Shizu Saldamando. It appears as a portrait that depicts the experiences of the Asian Americans in the early decades.

Another significant picture includes the Niagara Falls. This includes a picture done by prominent artists Regis Gignoux. The portrait of the Niagara Falls depicts significance in relation to the American identity. This picture shows the encounters of a common person amidst a sublime surrounding. The Niagara Falls occurs in the Capitol of the U.S. This picture depicts the changes that occurred in the nineteenth century in America. In addition, it expresses the national nature of America as a state. The initial state that appears in the Oxbow at the Connecticut River in Northampton and the Niagara Falls tends to portray a sense of initial equality. The pictures depict the lack of either class or ranking in the wilderness (McGreevy 76). Moreover, it expresses the virgin nature of early America as compared to the current congested and depleted state. They show state that still encounters numerous development and advancements technologically. These two portraits also show the productivity of the terrain as a suitable source of raw materials for the early American industries. The minerals that existed at that time got immediately exploited and used for different industrial works.

To summarize, numerous pictures as well as portraits attempt to define the experiences and identity of the United States of America. Renowned ancient artists such as Thomas Moran drew some of these pictures. The painting occurred in order to deliver certain fundamental messages concerning America as a state. Some of these pictures were made in the present, though they portray some level of connectivity to the past ways of life in America.

The portraits and pictures discussed in this essay show clearly that America underwent a long journey of evolution before reaching its current stage. For instance, the Oxbow in the Connecticut at Northampton brings a sense of void and emptiness that existed initially. In addition, it shows that there existed only strange animals and indigenous humans who lived in communities. This occurs different from the current state since the sense of togetherness and oneness appears as a non-existing factor. Racism occurs as a main factor of concern since some of the races in America still appear as minority races (Winters 33).

It should be noted that the physical and geographical state of America led to its nationalism. The productivity and wealth of the states mostly arose from its geographical state. Thus, such pictures contain a lot of significance regarding America’s identity and experience.

The portrait of the presidential loser candidates such as Mitt Romney also portrays a sense of political ridicule in the state. Moreover, it shows history in a funny way that evades prejudice or detest. This helps to kill the immense seriousness that exists in political matters. Moreover, apart from enhancing political drama, these portraits appear educative.

Hence, the pictures mentioned and others can act as a good source of information concerning the experience and identity of the United States of America. America as a state underwent numerous prehistoric and post- historical stages. Not all of these events can occur in verbal or written forms only. Thus, it occurs fundamental to display some of these events in a figurative form. This also helps to enhance the real meaning of the moments described; it brings out the situations in a real form.

The Experience/ Identity of America as Portrayed in Pictures. Custom The Experience/ Identity of America as Portrayed in Pictures Essay Writing Service || The Experience/ Identity of America as Portrayed in Pictures Essay samples, help

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