President Barrack Obama’s Campaign Ideologies


This month’s elections in the United Sates, hoping the current disasters will be resolved, will be based on issues and policies that the candidates have. The election involves the typical American parties Democratic Party and the Republican Party and other minor candidates. The significance of these elections is immense, as the entire world would be watching how the Americans vote on issues. America is the greatest democracy. Obama and the Republican’s nominee for the presidency, Mitt Romney have very divergent views on improving the health care of the American people. This essay highlights the ideological issues in the Obama’s health care plan with respect to the Jonathan Haidt’s model on moral values.

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A political ideology refers to “a set of beliefs about the proper order of society and how it can be achieved and here’s the most basic of all ideological questions: Should we preserve the present order or change it?” (Haidt 1). The ideological battle has always been driven by the need to hold on to ideals that either propels individual interests or the civilians call for the change. The issues in the society are diverse. The people are spilt in confusion as new ideologies crop up, fail to attain full implementation as new ones take center stage. Without proper planning the society would be caught in cycles on what ideologies to put adopt. Moreover, the voters are split on which ideologies to vote for. According to Haidt, “To understand the origins of ideology you have to take a developmental perspectives, staring with the genes and ending with an adult voting for a particular candidate or joining a political protest” (1). 

The human is fast in processing stories that sell out in the society. This is critical in politics as because as a leader one must tell the stories that would appeal to the voters. These are not just stories but political ideologies that would address the social, health, and economic parameters in the society. Nonetheless, Haidt opines that personal stories are the interesting ones to tell and sell an individual in what the model terms as McAdams’ third level of personality. The stories are not always truths but at times, simplified analysis of past events that shaped the ideological visions of the future. Whether true or not, political narratives are critical in influencing mental dispositions, human behaviors, and the relationships of the people. “Morality binds us into ideological teams that fight each other as though the fate of the world depended on our side winning each battle” (Haidt 4).

Obama’s economic plan so far has been the repealing of immediate former President, Bush’s tax policy for households earning less than $250,000. The president also advocates for the imposition of low taxes for manufacturers, which aims at cutting down on spending. The president also wants an increased tax plan for the wealthy in the society to rescue economic downturn into a successful and prosperous economy (Thompson 40). According to Haidt’s model, politics that sells is politics that appeals to the ears of the majority as they have the votes. A decision that favors the masses in the society is a good selling point in the next presidential elections. Obama’s plan to increase tax on the few wealthy people in the society while at the same time ease the burden to the lower and middle classes is critical in determining this election.  

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The diplomatic tie between the United States and Iran has been bumpy due to the nuclear program that is a threat to the security of the entire world. The American position on the Iranian situation also draws a line of difference between the President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. Obama prefers other measures like direct diplomacy; for instance, imposition of economic sanctions, as possible avenues to exhaust before declaration of war against Iran nuclear project. The limitary option should be a last resort while the governor opines that military intervention is the only way. Using the Haidt’s model to review the stances taken by the contestants, decision taken by the politicians should be engraved in the morals of the society and the challenges of economic stagnation to another prosperous economy. Military option would be expensive to the United States.  

Nonetheless, the most important issue that President Obama’s plan offers is the health care program that in this essay is viewed as very significant. The Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s proposed plan on health care seeks to hold insurance firms more accountable. Their plan aims at strengthening insurance coverage by the employers to ease burden on the government in achieving universal health care for all people in America. “Under the plan, if you like your current health insurance, nothing changes, except your costs will go down by as much as $2,500 yearly. If you down have insurance, you will have a choice of new affordable health insurance options” (Agenda 1). With the economic burden befalling the American people, a $2,500 annual savings is not only significant to the overall growth of the nation but also make life a little easier for the lower and middle classes.

The Obama care as it is currently referred to aims at lowering the cost of drugs by encouraging the importation of cheap but safe drugs from other developed economies. The uses of generic drugs in the public health care programs are also encouraged. The health plan gives authority to hospitals to collect critical health data on costs and quality. This would be beneficial for studying trends in health issues and reduce the expenses incurred in catastrophic illnesses. The Obama care would promote public health as, “It will require coverage of preventive services including cancer screenings, and increase state and local preparedness for terrorist attacks and natural disasters” (Agenda 1).   

Concluding Remarks and my Choice to Reelect President Obama

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My choice to appraise the credentials of the contestants of this month’s presidential elections has been informed by the Haidt’s model. The model bases its ideals on ideologies of the contestants. The decisions for ma have been made easy given the sharp contrast of the candidates on major issues affecting the American society. Looking back at early life of Obama, I am convince that having gone through challenges in life on is better placed to lead a country where the lower and middle classes form the majority. As Haidt suggests, leadership is built and embedded in the psychological development of an individual. The experiences of President Obama put him in a position to understand the issues that affect to all Americans.

Looking at the health care plan and the tax cut proposals; the ideologies of President Obama make sense to the lower class and middle class due to the savings that would be made. $2,500 savings each year on health care insurance is significant. More taxes on the wealthy in order to drive the economy is a good proposal for the majority voters. Now that the Americans have risen above racial prejudices to elect a candidate based on issues rather than color of skin. I really wish the president would win so that he can finish rebuilding of the inherited damaged economy by the past regime of immediate former president.

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