Obama and Romney Speeches in the last General Elections

Introduction: The run to White House started month ago and from the many interested candidates, the battle was leveled to two main candidates. This follows after the Republicans settled on Mitt Romney to carry their party’s flag. The election battles between Republicans and Democrats already started months ago. The Massachusetts’ Republican governor, Mitt Romney and the President Obama were the top contestants in the just concluded general elections in the United States. The run to the White House once again brought debates on national issues that affect the American population and the world at large. This essay explores the policies of the two contestants in the run to White House in 2012 before taking a stand on the most favorite candidate. 

The economy and tax issues, health care programs, energy, foreign relations, and national security are some of the issues that were discussed in the presidential campaigns and debates. The Republicans seems to be interested in their own affairs at the expense of the wider national interests. This is clear from the Romney’s website where it is clearly stipulated that the candidate wanted to reinstate immediate former president’s political ideals. For instance, Romney supported the idea of giving the American large corporations the right to roll out low cost products in the Chinese and the entire Asian market.

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Romney supports that the big American companies like the General Motors (GM) should not be bailed out when they face financial difficulties. The residential candidate opines that since the bankruptcies filed by the companies are institutional problem, the political regime should not bother in reinstating them back to financial health. On the tax system, Romney opposed the imposing of heavy taxes on the big companies on the pretense that they employ the majority of the American workforce; hence, they would create more jobs. In order to meet the tax target, Romney suggested that the middle and low income earners be taxed more. The Republican’s candidate was against President Obama’s diplomatic efforts terming them as cowardice and asked the American people to vote him because he would resort to military intervention in the Iran.  

The other issue that Romney held a different view from President Obama was on health care programs. Romney supported the creation of state policies to develop their own health care plans. As such, the citizens would have the chance to champion their own health care programs. This means that Romney was going to cancel the Obamacare once in the White House, and the majority of the citizens would lose their healthcare plans as stipulated in the Obamacare. Instead of giving priority to environmental policies, Romney proposed that oil firms should have the authority to direct their own operations. He opines that such laws limit the full potential of the oil firms. The argument that the candidate used to support this position was that the freedom to let oil firms run their own affairs would enable them to meet the oil demands of the US. This in his view will make the economy expand and limit exportation of oil from the overseas. As much as the oil plan would be effective, it was technically difficult to implement. Insofar, the ideals of the Republican candidate seem unpopular on almost every issue.

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In the contrary President Obama had well articulated programs that are relevant in addressing the American issues. The president wanted to give the manufacturing firms more incentives to produce goods in the country because of the skilled employees, educated manpower, and creative labor force. In order to meet the manufacturing requirements as stated, he plans to take the tax breaks from the manufacturing firms so that they can find the American market attractive and lucrative. The intention of the tax levy for the American firms is to bring back the successful American firms from the overseas operation to America. The tax system that has been in place favors the upper class citizens as they pay less tax than the middle class, the lower class, and their employees. The rich people have accumulated enough wealth, which should be shared in the economy building for the benefit of the lower classes. Progressive taxation according to President Obama will ensure that the high income earners help to increase the national reserves for further development of the country. If the American economy expands, then more jobs will be created in his second term in office.

Just like the principle of the Democrats has been, the president believes in diplomacy as the best way of resolving international relations standoffs. After long spell of the American soldiers in the Iraq war, and the war in Afghanistan, Obama is keen to avoid indulging the country in another war. The wars have been detrimental to the growth f the economy due to heavy expenses incurred in the wars. This, as mentioned above, is in sharp contrast to what Romney believes. President Obama captured and killed Osama bin Laden, the Al-Qaeda group leader after several attempts of the past regime failed. This is among the achievements of the president in addressing national security. The president also took initiatives to bring soldiers back to America from Iraq. They are now safe in the American land. In addition, the president is working on ways to improve the Afghanistan’s security system so that the country can take care of its own. If the plan works, then the troops in Afghanistan will be withdrawn from the country.             

The American health problems can only be well understood by President Obama given that his mother passed on after struggling with cancer due to lack of health insurance. This experience explains the president’s preference of a universal healthcare plan as contained in the recently passed Obamacare. The universal health care plan as passed in the Patient’s Bill of Rights puts all American people, regardless of age or race, on effective health care programs. The Obamacare gave the president unprecedented appreciation, which gave his campaign team the selling point of the president’s quest for a second term.

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The president recognizes that the oil reserves of America cannot challenge the world leading oil producers. In order for America to compete in the energy sector with the rest of the world, the president believes in the development of green energy. It is or this reason that Obama wants to develop the sector by allocating more money to research for the development of green energy and take on the leading energy producers.

Conclusion: From the discussions above, Barack Obama seems to hold strong points compared to Mitt Romney on issues that affect the American people and the world at large. They make more sense in meeting health care problems, fixing the tax deficits, meeting the economic challenges, and the diplomatic ties with rest of the world. The Romney policies do not give appropriate solutions in nation building. Romney’s policies could further widen the gap between the rich and the poor, and the gap between small and large corporations. Hence, Obama’s campaign speeches seem to be more popular than Romney’s policies. The American people therefore made the right choice to give President Obama another term in the White House, for it is the only way to make life better after the recent economic crisis.

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