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First Presidential Debate on Domestic policy. Custom First Presidential Debate on Domestic policy Essay Writing Service || First Presidential Debate on Domestic policy Essay samples, help

The first presidential debate which discussed domestic policy issues was held at the University  of Denver in Denver Colorado.This insightful debate was sponsored by a commission on Presidential Debates and engaged the incumbent president Obama and his challenger governor Mitt Romney. During this debate, Romney, appeared  more sharp when answering questions on domestic issue that Obama.  Romney controlled  the debate for several times illustrating his points at to the audience. Romney claimed that if Obama is reelected in November, he is likely to to continue with  “trickle-down government”. The claim of trickle down government appear strong given the economic situation of America at the moment.

Obama came out with a strategy to portray that everything Mr. Romney was saying lack data. However, he could not smartly bring it out and this made him loss point in my opinion. Romney fought strongly by outlining his track record as a successful business man who has a balanced books for many years. This statement appealed more than what the president was trying to claim  that Romney cannot balance the books. Mr president felt hesitant to give out strong answers to the questions asked.This element made him appear weak on the management of the economic affair of the country. Mitt Romnney took the challenge by answering questions strongly and with passion. Toward this he scores more points than the president.


Mr Obama claimed that  America is moving slowly to its right the economic track.He claimed that  five million new jobs were created  created in the  13 months in the private sector. This is a strong case to stress that the economy is recovering however, the rate is too small to to be felt in the whole country.On the other hand, Mr Romney changed the president claim saying that the economic policies adopted by the president Obama were no favoring small job creating. In my opinion he scored because he could substantiate the claim with statistical data.In this pointy the president remained on the defensive ground which made Romney to score more points.

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When the question on the deficit was asked, the president looked more hesitant with information. Mr Obama said that upon getting into the white house, he  inherited a deficit of more  $1 trillion deficit. His claim is very genuine and his score for being truthful.However,  he fails to put a spirited strategy which he has adapted to either bring down the deficit or make it constant. Towards this,  came out strong by put  criticism on  the what has been done to reduce the deficit. He captures the attention when he says that the issues of deficit is not only an economic issue but also a moral issue.This makes him appear more responsible with domestic affairs which is at the heart of every American. Romney says

"I think it is frankly not moral for my generation to keep spending massively more than we take in knowing those burdens are going to be passed on to the next generation... And the amount of debt we are adding at a trillion a year is simply not moral,". This statement makes him a score point in the management of deficit even if he has not stipulated how he can achieve it.

Federal regulation

A dissection of federal regulation, president  Obama said that when got into the office, his main agenda on  federal government was to guarantee safety . On this ground,  Mr. president scored more points than Romney.This is because he has made security his priority which has gone a long way in helping Americans in enterprises. To counter the president, Mr Romney claimed that it is the role of  government to offer  an environment for everyone to pursue their own dreams.Romney defended his point by saying that  unemployment levels is veryhigh, the poverty level has increased and more than  50% of college graduates are unable to get work. In this argument, Romney waters down the president claim of positive progress hence he scores more points than the president.


Heath question came out to be one of the battle ground between the two participants.Mr Romney detailed his case for calling for a repeal of  the  health care plan that the president championed through Congress in 2010.Romney claims that this health care plan has reduced jobs and it only serves the interest of the state.Howver, he falls short of substantiating his point."Mr. President on the other hand, defended ‘Obama care’ saying that the health care plan will go a long way in helping middle class a great deal. On this ground the president scores more point that his challenger governor  Mitt Romney.This is because the president elaborately pointed out some of the benefits which will accrue to the middle class people as a result of ‘Obama care’. It is also prudent to note that Romney scored points when he claimed  that Obama spent more  energy and passion for  the last two years fighting  for the installation of Obama care while unemployment was worsen the situation in the country. In their closing remarks,  Mr Obama said that his  faith and confidence the country’s  future is undiminished and he will champion the success of the people.This rhetorical statement appeal to the heart of many. Mr Romney  on the other hand said that he will do everything possible to return America back on tract.This is also a powerful remark which equally appeals to the heart of many American voters. Taking a critical and succinct analysis of the whole debate, it is certain that Mr. Romney won since he argued his point out very well and took control of the debate.

The vice presidential debates

The vice presidential debates pitting Vice President Joe Biden against Congressman Ryan Paul followed after the first presidential debate, which according to most reports, showed that Governor Mitt Romney was more astute than President Obama. Democrats were hoping that the Vice President could turn things their way in the first and only Vice Presidential debate of 2012. Martha Raddatz of the ABC News moderated the debate. The debate focussed on two main issues: foreign and domestic policies as the main roles of American vice president. The first question was raised to the vice president regarding the situation in Libya following the killing of Chris Stevens and the other diplomats. The vice president regrets the killing and vows that the issue would be properly investigated.

On war in Iraq, the vice president recognizes Obama’s promise to end the war in Iraq something that Republican’s presidential nominee was as an impossibility. Instead, Romney said that there should be 30,000 troops. The administration plans to end the war in Afghanistan by 2014 and Mitt Romney opines that there can never be a timeline. The current regime also killed Osama bin Laden, which was a priority of the president once he took office.

On his side, Congressman Paul Ryan begins by mourning the death of the four Americans who lost their lives in Benghazi and regrets why it took the president 2 weeks to call it an act of terror. Ryan Paul regrets offering detachment guarding to the diplomats in France when the same thing is not done to those in the danger zones of the Al-Qaida cells. In response to ice president’s take on Iraq, Ryan defends the ideal of living the troops there to take charge of the grounds gained. In Afghanistan, the congressional representative supports the 2014 period of transition but is cautious of the consequences of the showing weak point to the overseas. Back to the issue of those who lost their lives in Benghazi, Ryan posits that this is a demonstration of a broader problem that the current regime faces. The congressionall representative questions that Obama foreign policies that he claims are chaotic and unsafe.           

The vice president seems to have an upper hand in tackling the foreign policy topic given that gains made by the Obama administration. The killing of Osama bin Laden can be considered a major achievement for most Americans and the victims of 9/11 attack. On the other hand, the killing of the four Americans in Libya seems to be working against the Obama’s administration. They did not respond immediately to what the public wanted to hear. The moderator questions Governor Romney’s decision to talk tough on the issue at a time when the nation was in a somber mood. In his defense, Ryan responds that the same information issued by President Obama was also issued in Cairo. Ryan recalls that a Republican government would speak on issues of national interest at the right time. Vice president t takes another jibe at the congressional representative and Mitt Romney by pointing out that they spoke of a very sensitive issue of the killings in Libya based on media stories. Biden regrets that such issues need deeper consultation and the establishment of the truths before making any public announcement.

Of the two debaters of the night, vice president Joe Biden got the better of Congressman Ryan Paul because of the factual representation of issues under discussion. The greatest strength of the vice president is evidenced when he counters the Ryan’s observation that diplomats be given more protection. While Ryan talks about enhancing security of the ambassadors, he at his on tough made a $300 million budget cut on embassy security. Moreover, Biden is more articulate in answering the technical questions raised by the moderator of the men attacking with guns rather than protesting. This according to information given by the intelligence community did not suggest so. It is logical to argue that the misinformation from Libya was due to mis-reporting by those in charge. In the debate, Biden seems to counter Ryan’s answers by interrupting him on several occasions. At the initial stages of the debate, Biden silences Ryan with not only gestures and hard voice but also with factual figures.  

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The age differences between Romney/Ryan and Obama/Biden combinations are ideal. Whereas Obama is junior to Biden, Ryan is junior to Romney, which shows a good age balance. Given the performance of the vice president in the vice presidential debate and the oratory ability of President Obama, the Obama / Biden combination would be the victors. Joe Biden is astute in foreign policy and given his experience, he is of great help to the president on foreign policies. The Obama administration took charge in Washington when the economy of the nation was at its weakest point.

In as much as Mitt Romney criticizes Obama rule, the economic situation would not charge in the short run. For a continuation of the policies towards economic recovery, Obama/Biden administration should continue with the rebuilding of America. The Republicans if given the responsibility will initiate new policies at a time when moving forward would be the best option. Nonetheless, the vice presidential debates are not significant because at the end of the day, the president rules the country. The presidential debates are however significant to the audience, especially those who have not made decisions on whom to vote. The debates give realistic chances of assessing the presidential policies that are critical in judging whether individual interests of the voters would be addressed. The incumbent seem to have greater knowledge of the issues at hand and this puts them in pole positions to deliver the wish of the citizens.  In conclusion, the two debates have given the American opportunity to assess the candidature of the two personalities for an effective decision. These debates have also brought out the character traits of the leaders for public scrutiny.

First Presidential Debate on Domestic policy. Custom First Presidential Debate on Domestic policy Essay Writing Service || First Presidential Debate on Domestic policy Essay samples, help

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