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Obama is the incumbent president of the United States on Democrat ticket and will defend the seat in the November 2012 elections against Mitt Romney; the Republican candidate. Romney is the Massachusetts governor. Romney and Obama have very divergent opinions on issues that affect the Americans and the world at large; for instance health, economy, and position on Iran and Iraq among many other issues. The sharp ideologies and the response of the American citizens on the same issues will define who wins the next general elections of the greatest democracy in the world. The verdict of the electorates should be well informed due to the divergent opinions held by the candidates and their sponsoring main parties in the US.  

Barrack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

The forthcoming November elections will be closely contested presidential elections in America involving the incumbent; President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. The election involves the mainstream American party representatives with Obama being the automatic nominated candidate of the Democratic Party and Romney being the Republican Party presidential nominee. The United States in the greatest democracy in the world and these elections will be keenly monitored across the globe. The two candidates have differences in ideologies most of which have been highlighted in the public and it is upon these ideals that the US citizens will base their decisions on.

Obama’s position on the economy involves the repealing of Bush tax regime for households with less than $250,000 earning. He also wants the low taxes to be imposed on manufacturers and to reduce spending but raise taxes for the wealthy in the society to address economic challenges in the long run. On the other hand, Romney wants to make Bush tax regime permanent. The governor also wants corporate taxes to be reduced and regulations in a bid to open up more investments. In order to reduce deficit, Romney aims at cutting non-security discretionary or government spending by 5% (Thompson Jr., n.d).

Romney’s position was part of the creation of Mass. But no longer thinks it is appropriate to the American citizens and as such, proposes repeal. The governor is also for the proposal that citizens purchase their own health insurance whereas Obama signed the 2010 healthcare bill. On position on Iran, Obama sees direct diplomacy; imposition of economic sanctions as the best way to deal with Iran nuclear project. To Obama, military option is the last resort while for Romney, it is the only way. On environmental matters and global warming, Romney opposes the cap-and-trade system while Obama supports it. In a way, their ideologies are extreme and based on these; the American will make a choice, (Frum, 2012).

Barrack Obama vs. Mitt Romney. Custom Barrack Obama vs. Mitt Romney Essay Writing Service || Barrack Obama vs. Mitt Romney Essay samples, help

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