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1)      Lifting the Resource Curse

Corruption and bad policy in business and government are certainly a threat to prosperity of various nations particularly developing countries endowed with vast natural resources.  It is unfortunate that most rich individuals and companies are highly profiting from selling countries natural resources at the expense of the common public owing to corrupt government dealings with private investors. For instance, a number of countries natural deposits such as minerals have been privatized and large number under the control and ownership of  multinational companies with large chunk of the wealth going to the developed nations in form of raw material. Multinational companies have also been accused of bribing foreign governments to own entitlement to natural resource deposits ownership or exploitation. Paradox of Plenty justifies the claim that most of countries endowed with vast natural resources are not developed compared to the dominant importers of natural resource.  Corruption and unclear policy guidelines especially in awarding of contracts, licenses and taxation regarding exploration and exploitation of natural is the major cause of slow economic development of coutries with natural resource deposits.  

2)       Ethical Writing in the Workplace

The three M’s which include misquotation, misrepresentation and manipulation are related to the case “Zakaria Suspended for Coping Other Writer’s Work” in a number of ways. The three M’s seeks to discourage unethical conducts of misquoting, misrepresenting and manipulating of information for individual gain.  Fareed Zakaria a renowned CNN host and Time editor-at-large act of plagiarizing another writers work was unethical in the sense that it was tantamount to misrepresentation and manipulation.  Despite the fact that Zakaria lifted large part of historian Jill Lepore work he failed to cite this work to credit the original author of the content and this is unethical considering that columnist are required to be original and factual. 

3)      Resisting unethical behavior

Resisting unethical conduct is one of the most challenging tasks owing to the fact that it mostly favors personal interest.  Most of individuals and enterprises engage in unethical acts because they end up satisfying urgent personal interest that would not have become a reality incase ethical behavior is observed.

Lifting the Resource Curse. Custom Lifting the Resource Curse Essay Writing Service || Lifting the Resource Curse Essay samples, help

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