Irrelevance of United Nations in Current Political Climate

The United Nations(UN) is an International organization with Universal membership  specialized agencies  and development funds which are used to cover a wide scope of action ranging from economic development of different countries, security, social progress ,enforcement of international law and acting as human rights watchdog. The United Nations was founded in 1945 after the Second World War with a core objective of maintaining international peace and security. The Un was further vested with the mandate of developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights (Milinauskyte 2012).With powers vested upon it,the UN was able to achieve its goals in reinforcing what was stated in the standard charter.

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The UN serves to provide a forum for different viewpoints to come together and attain an agreement that produces results. However, with time, the UN has lost relevance in the contemporary political situation because it has failed to maintain global peace and security. According to Monika Milinauskyte, the UN lacks the capacity to maintain global security and international harmony (2012). The United States pays approximately a quarter of the United Nation is operating budget. As a result, the United States has continued to violate human rights especially in countries such as Iraq where there are numerous US soldiers fighting terrorists.  The United Nation’s role in maintain global security remains irrelevant in such situations..This helpless States just have to put up with the US because the UN has its headquarters in New York. Moreover, countries in Africa such as Democratic Republic of Congo has always been plunged in war yet little is heard of UN’s intervention,the  UN peacekeepers watched as hundreds of thousands of the Tutsis in  Rwanda were massacred by their fellow countrymen,the Hutus. In addition, Iran repeatedly ignored UN decrees condemning their nuclear program. The United Nations remains silent while freedoms are ignored in countries like Zimbabwe and Venezuela but the issues are more serious. They go beyond rape allegations and corruption by U.N. peacekeeping forces globally and corruption within members of the General Secretariat.

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