Various Forms of Government


Government whose powers are vested in an individual, who attains the post through hereditary means. Most monarchies are absolute; decisions made by the monarch are unilateral and cannot be overruled or disputed.


A single individual is in charge of all matters relating to governing the country; all citizens of the country are subordinated to him without question.

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A government ruled by an individual who has total power over running matters of the state, even though some people he selects may assist in the day-to-day running of the government. In a dictatorship, the leader has unlimited power in all matters pertaining to running the government and state.


A government ruled by a small group of people who in most cases belong to a wealthy class. Oligarchical rule is usually limited in power by other factors which come into play such as their influence over the military or their ability to manipulate the population through various means such as propaganda.


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A government that is ruled by an individual or individuals elected by the country's population from among themselves in order to further their interests. A democratic government’s power is limited by means such as the constitution and tools such as veto power by the president in order to ensure that public interest is taken into consideration in all government decisions. A democracy has also limited power; the government has to please the population in order to get reelected and this influences government's exercise of power.

Communist Government

It is a government in which only one party is allowed to govern on the principles of Marxism-Leninism. The power of the government is exercised in order to cater for the needs and wishes of the working classes. Thus, all the power is vested in one party and the party is unquestioned in its actions.


A government that is ruled by a religious class, such as priests who rule according to religious tenets. The government has unlimited power so that it executes its actions according to  the divine will or religious tenets. This rule is in most cases absolute and despotic.

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There is no authority concerning running the matters of the government and state; chaos exists between different groups jostling for power. Every group has authority in certain sections of the country which it controls and this is mostly practised in an authoritarian goverment.

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