Contemporary Issues

Global security involves measure taken by the individuals, nation and international organizations to ensure mutual peace and political stability. However, with the emerging trends, global security faces contemporary issues such as drug trafficking, terrorism, human trafficking among other vices. These threats to security operations should be addressed to prevent more negative implications on world peace and security. This paper focuses on the two contemporary issues in depth and looks at how each affect the security operations and how they can be solved.


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Drugs continue to undermine stability, security and health in many parts of the world. Revenue generated from drug trafficking may provide an avenue through which corruption thrives, in addition to undermining the political stability of legitimate governments particularly in economically weak states. Drugs may not initiate conflicts directly, but they can lengthen the life cycle of conflicts. Funds generated through drug abuse can be used to buy weapons or used to fuel religious extremism and ethnic conflicts. For instance, the growing illicit market for drugs in Afghanistan has dangerous consequences for both regional and international security.

 This large-scale drug trafficking further worsens the situation of the already economically and politically unstable neighboring states by instigating violent crimes and corruption. It also increase insecurity through drug addiction particularly of heroin and enhance HIV/AIDS prevalence in the region. The distinct market for Afghan drugs is Europe through Central Asia and Causus. These Central Asian countries have been affected negatively by the spread of the illicit trade. For instance, it has expanded organized crimes, accelerated political and social instability, and encouraged corruption. It has also hindered the democratization process and caused serious challenges to the upholding of law and order in these regions.  The drug problem has further fueled ethnic tensions and armed conflicts in the region for example the 2005 revolution witnessed in Kyrgyzstan (Corti and Swain 2009).  

Terrorism can be said to be the deliberate act of creating fear to bring out political revolution. It is not a new phenomenon since it has been there for a long time. However, today it has become a global threat because the whole world is experiencing regular terrorist attacks. Terrorism involves violent activities usually carried out by individuals or non-governmental groups with specialized training. Terrorism has the potential to cause both physical and psychological problems to the affected population.

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Terrorism occurs in two principal forms, suicide terrorism and bio chemical terrorism. A suicide bomber who is readily willing to die while committing the terror act carries out suicide terrorism. It is the most preferred because it leads to mass casualties and it is inexpensive.  Bio chemical terrorism on the other hand can be defined as a group that uses harmful or fatal chemicals to threaten or attack its target. This form of terrorism is usually used by one country against another. For instance, in the Persian Gulf War (1990-1991) Iraq produced and used chemical and biological weapons on US troops.

Drug trafficking can be reduced by making treatment easily accessible and user friendly to the abusers and addicts. This will reduce demand and hence undermine the drug syndicate. Another effective measure would be by investing in the youth and providing them with more accurate and effective drug education programs to keep them active. In addition, governments should focus on large-scale drug dealers, channel the resources to most dangerous drug lords, and stop wasting time on minor peddlers and pushers. According to Rubin and Guáqueta (2007), the war on drugs should be fought on a global scale to avoid inter states trafficking   

The international efforts to control drugs should focus on economic development rather than militarizing the process. In drug producing regions such as Colombia and Afghanistan, the farmers should be trained on alternative development initiatives in order to shift their attention from drug producing to legitimate farming. The police instead of the military to involve the civilians should carry out Law enforcement.

The fight against terrorism should start with the civilians. They should be vigilant and report any suspicion to the police. They should also check with the police database while renting their premises to new persons. In all establishments, a round-the-clock patrol system should be introduced. All persons entering and leaving the establishments should be checked to eliminate the possibility of suicide bombing. All these interventions are possible through efforts between civilians and the law enforcement agencies in what is commonly known as community policing (Reuveny and Thompson 2010).

To deal with the issue of terrorism, each state should have a separate department in the law-enforcing arm to collect intelligence on terrorism and act on the information.  The police should be trained adequately on identifying possible acts of terrorism and equipped with the latest technology to detect terrorism.  In addition, governments should also recruit enough manpower to serve in counter-terrorism units. The legislative arm of the government should amend the laws in order to enact tough and relevant laws on terrorism.

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Since the cause of terrorism is the struggle against perceived injustice against some races, issues of injustices should be addressed and a way to correct past cases of injustices sort. This goes a long way in healing the wounds and deep feelings of resentment among extremist groups. Learning what the motives of the terrorist are should be included in the fight so that the next course of action can be established. Perhaps by ending these injustices the bitterness and anger of the extremist world towards the West may be quelled.


In view of the highlighted contemporary issues associated with security, it suffices to say that the responsibility of ensuring a secure society rests not only on law-enforcement agencies. It is a multi-sectoral obligation that calls for concerted efforts and partnerships between the private arm and the relevant government institutions. 

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