Social Control

Corruption is a serious issue that affects the judicial process in most parts of the world. This refers to the unfair justice systems that are manipulated by the senior officials in the government, as well as by people, who are politically connected. The manipulation is done for the benefit of a person or group of people. The officials are corrupt in various ways.

One of the reasons for unlawful performance is the blood relation between a judicial officer and the criminal. This obviously leads to lack of impartiality in the delivery of justice, which, therefore, favors the criminal, and he or she does not answer for the atrocities committed. Blood relations lead to a judicial system, which is corrupt and which, therefore, cannot be trusted.

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Criminal justice is also affected by the political class which tends to manipulate the system in order to consolidate power in an unfair manner. The executive authority, for instance, is the appointing body of most judicial officers. There is, therefore, a lack of independence in dealing with the criminals, who could be politically connected. They get protection from the courts from facing any punishment.

Corruption also takes the form of judicial officers accepting bribes and gifts in order to favor a criminal in the process of dispensing justice. The magistrates and judges, therefore, make decisions in favor of the criminal because he or she gave money in return for the favor. The ruling thus is usually unfair and not showing standards of impartiality whatsoever (Houston, Bridgmon & Parsons, 2008).

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Corruption also takes the form of friendships and work relations. It is difficult for a judge or magistrate to make a fair ruling if the suspected criminal is a friend or a colleague at the workplace. The relationships between these two people will eventually lead to the judicial system being used to favor the criminal. Therefore, the court cannot jail or punish them. The judge or magistrate feels that in delivering a very stern ruling against the criminal, this will be like a betrayal to the friendship. They would rather intend to preserve the friendship than deliver justice in a fair way in most cases (Davies, Croall & Tyrer, 2009).

There should be a complete overhaul in the justice systems when addressing the matters of policy regarding corruption. It is reasonable for the judges and magistrates to be given performance contracts to sign. This will ensure that they work with diligence and uphold high standards of morality and integrity so as to preserve their job. The authorities should dismiss those, who fail to meet the minimum standards of competence, and hire new officers into the system.

It is noteworthy too that judicial officers should be taken through a period of training on matters of patriotism, integrity, and morality. This will ensure that the justice system, which brings justice, is fair enough. Lack of this will see more and more criminals engaging in unlawful activities since they know they will certainly get away with it (Siegel, 2009).

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It is also important that cases be investigated well before the trial begins. It should be a state policy to ensure that there are no blood relations, friendship ties or any other relationship existing between the suspected criminal and the judicial officers. This will ensure that the verdict delivered is fair enough. It will not be subject to manipulation by the existing relationship ties.

The state must implement its policy to increase the number of judicial officers, who administer justice. This would ensure that the process is not overwhelming for the existing judicial officers. It would make their work significantly easier and they would work with diligence to ensure that criminal justice is honored.

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