The Work of  Electoral College

Electoral College gives part of democracy to the citizens. The confirmation of the process of election gives it a thumb up. This can be argued in the point that it lenders the popular vote useless. Therefore, democracy is achieved according to the perception that the reader takes.

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The candidates who don’t make it under the popular vote can influence the electors to vote for them. Through the convincing of the electors in the Electoral College, the initial losers win the presidency.

The campaign strategy of each candidate is focused on both the popular vote and the Electoral College. By campaigning without the thought of the Electoral College, a candidate cannot win the elections. Therefore, it gives the campaign strategy of each candidate a direction.

The Electoral College works against the number of voters that turn out on the Election Day. This is due to the fact that even after voting there is another vetting step which is more critical. Therefore, if the Electoral College was eliminated, the number of voters would increase.

When the democrats design the districts, the beneficiaries are democrats.

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When the republicans design the districts, the beneficiaries are republicans.

When the incumbent design the districts, the beneficiaries are the party that he or she follows.

Incumbent president or party is the previous holder of the office.

The design of the districts to favor the minority is taken as a political tool to win the elections. The parties will push for the approval of the minority if they receive enough support from them.

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The argument against the designing of districts to favor the minority groups will lead to mis use of them. The blacks have been used to propel political ideas of the majority.

There is no general and fast way of analyzing the design of districts. Fair distribution and designing of districts is only achievable from the future happenings. There you can say they were well designed to serve the population.

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