The Electioneering Process

Since the inception of United States, the electioneering process has taken a well-defined route. The election of the two principals managing all the big and small states in America takes time. Debate on the process has gained momentum on whether to scrap the laid down the route to other modern processes or not. In the recent years, candidates have proposed this idea in the congress without success. Bills have been proposed and discussed but not passed. The Electoral College process takes a longer duration.

During the run for the presidency of the United States, a popular vote is cast. This is followed by the Electoral College vote. Popular vote is done by all citizens of the united states that have reached the minimum age of participating in elections. After the popular vote, the electors who form the Electoral College confirm the president as the winner through another election. The Electoral College is constituted of representatives from different states.

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All the states do not provide equal number of electors. The bigger the state, the higher the number of electors the state commands. State of California has the highest number of electors. The total number of electors in the Electoral College is 538 with California having 5 in the group. Small states get at least three representatives while big states get a maximum of five electors. These electors elect the winner and runners up from the popular vote to confirm the elected president. Citizens convince the electors to vote for their choice through their involvement in the popular vote.

In this process, majority rule takes effect from the first step. The winner needs a total of 270 to make it to the white house. Also, the majority rule may not be applicable as the popular vote is different from the Electoral College. Direct elections do not have the Electoral College. In all types of elections, political parties are vehicles that carry politicians to present their manifestos to the electors both at the popular vote and Electoral College. 

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