Acceptable Use Policy

Students face a restriction from entering or accessing properties or information branded with an unauthorized access. Accessing such property or information with or without an intension of malicious acts is unacceptable in the Acceptable Use Policy of the University Of Houston, College of Technology.

It is the responsibility of student(s) to ensure that a third part does not access to any computers or computing networks without full authorization from the university’s College Information Security Officer. In case, such a party is found using such facilities, the student(s) should have to inquire his/her legibility to use such resources. It is a tantamount to an offence if any student(s) who does not take appropriate action on identifying such persons.

In case a student(s) arranges without the permission of the College University Officer to have such persons’ access to the computers and computer networks system of the college, the act is equally offensive. Such acts may lead to suspension, termination, or subjection to the United States Authority (Quinn).

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Security of Passwords

UH students will be accessible to personal passwords that enable them to access information regarded to be a property of UH. They will also be accessible to own passwords that secure personal details not owned by the UH.

It is the duty either of the students to protect such passwords on their behalf or behalf of the university (Anderson and Chair). Personal or group ignorance that will enable acquisition of such passwords by a third party also violates this Code of Conduct and is a punishable offence.

Malicious plans by student(s) to have such passwords be accessible to third parties are equally an offence under the university’s Code of Conduct. Such acts will lead to appropriate penalties that include fines, suspension, expulsion and further actions as the United States Laws may apply.

Forgery and Harassments

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UH does not permit false impersonation. No student has permission to access another party’s information using the second party’s personal access data or license (Haag, Maeve &McCubbrey). Sending of mails or information on one’s behalf is offensive. Both parties involved in such acts will be liable for the offence committed.

No student has permission to offend a second party both with and without using the computers or computer networks of UH. Mailings or massage threads to unknown parties are highly restricted.

Analysis of the Acceptable Use Policy

The UH’s AUP is efficient and may instill unquestionable working ethics to students and alumni of UH if fully incorporated. This because it covers the key issues whose ethics are mandatory for experts dealing with information and technology. The security of the university, the university students and third parties is all covered.

Prohibited and Un-prohibited Acts

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Fundamental issues that might lead to insecurity of information and technology face full coverage and prohibition within this Code of Conduct. Students are restricted from revealing or accessing confidential information. This includes university data, fellow student information, and third party information from sponsors and other institutions. Trading of such information is equally restricted. Students who might be tempted to make personal copies of licensed properties or copyrights have no exclusion. Other prohibited acts include unlawful use of the university’s networks, transfer of information to foreign nationals, and talks to the media on behalf of the university.

However, the university permits authorized access to confidential information for learning purposes. This is an advantage as it hands practical experience to students. An observable weakness of the act is the permission the university grants itself to hack personal information with an aim of monitoring fowl. This ought to undergo an evaluation to ensure the personnel accessing to such information has no personal issues with the student(s). 

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