Developed countries are experiencing a decreasing rate of population growth since 1950 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010). This implies that few decades to come, the population of these countries will constitute of a bulk of elderly persons with a minority of persons less than 65 years. This has several negative and positive impacts on the marketing trends.

Noteworthy, the elderly in these countries are the majority (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010) dealing in investments and equities. The recent generation born later than that does not invest a lot. In the coming decades, those running the investment market will retire thus stop to invest. They will turn their investments into liquid money to spend due to their retirement. This will result into a meltdown of assets and investments.

Negative impacts in the investment field will follow. Investment in such countries will become risky since the young populations will form the minority. Those who invest will experience less market and expensive labor to run their investments.

The positive impacts will favor those dealing in healthcare and elderly-friendly services. This is due to the sickly nature of the generation. Global immigrations and emigrations will follow. The young will move to the developed countries from the less developed countries in such for employment. This will result in technological developments, inventions and entrepreneurship. Contrary to expectations, this will lead to the growth of the economy.

Demographic Trend in Less Developed Countries

The countries face continuous increase in population from 1950 that is reducing. These countries will experience some reduction in investments due to the decreasing population. However, the young generation forms the majority of the population. Market impacts include a slight decrease in investors due to the projected decrease in population. However, the young generation will steel stir and improve the economy.

Demographic Trend in the Least Developed Countries

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The third trend is in the least developed countries. This forms the minority of the three groups. The impacts of this trend will not be global due to their number. From 1950, these countries experienced an accelerated growth rate in population that has never declined. This population comprises of both the young and the aged. However, the majority are the young because of the low life expectancy facing the countries. Market impacts include an increase in investments.

These trends and information comes from statistics carried out by the United States 2010 census. Arguably, the information is reliable and shows a projectile of what will cause a global impact. These trends represent risk alarm to those hoping to invest in the developed countries and an opportunity to those investing in less and least developed countries.

Market Segmentation Strategies

Concentration Strategy allows a marketer to put his energy in one field and area thus leading to specialization. As a result, there arises expansion of the market and consumer satisfaction. An Example is Rolex Company has concentrated in wears where anyone can wear one of their products globally.

Multi-segment strategy involves putting of more than one segment together. This also increases the pool of consumers. An example is the Marriot International investors. They have own accommodation facilities for travelers, extended stays, permanent residents and real estates. Geographic segmentation strategy involves segregation of consumers basing on their climate religion or population trends of consumers. An example is The Universal Pharmaceuticals Company. The population growth of Africa made the company increase its branches in Africa. Low leaving standards in African countries increase infections thus ready market for their products.

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Demographic Segmentation strategy factors influence education, occupation, age, gender, and ethnicity among others. Examples are the car manufacturing companies based in Japan and China, such as Toyota, Honda and Suzuki. They take advantage of education and occupation of the population that has a natural interest in engineering and mechanics.

Psychographic segmentation strategy bases on lifestyle, values and attitudes. An example is the investment in football clubs experienced in developed countries such as England, US, Spain and Italy. This is because the population values soccer and have a lifestyle that permits and affords the expenses encountered to watch the games. 

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