The author of this article is talking about the discrimination of school admissions. According to her, there have been reports from reliable sources that many schools in the United States were demanding students to produce their national documents to show their nationality. Consequently, based on the nationality of each student, the school administration denied some of them chances for admission. Majority of those who did not have opportunities for admission were not citizens of the USA (Armario, 2011).

In this article, the author condemns the act of using the nationality of students to determine whether they should join schools and colleges in the USA. According to reports from various states, several schools have denied students chances to join the schools and colleges in the USA. In fact, some schools usually demand that applicants produce documents that indicate their nationality. The author says that this should not be the case, and that all applicants should have equal opportunities to access public education.

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We can learn several things from this article. The first one is that the United States government provides an opportunity to all residents within the country, to access public education. This is one positive effort by the government in raising the literacy level of the country. Another fact that one can learn from the article is that it is illegal if the management of any school or college in the United States demands the national documents of any student, with an intention to use his nationality in deciding on his admission (Armario, 2011).

The information from this article relates a lot to what was  learned in class in one way. According to information about education and immigration, we learned that individuals should have access to public education in any country in the world without discrimination. In addition, the article asserts that it is in fact, a legal requirement in the USA that all residents are free to access public education.  

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